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5 Top Common Home Remodeling Myths

Tools depicting home remodeling myths

Do you, like so many Americans, love to watch HGTV or other home improvement shows?

It’s satisfying to see an ugly, outdated home get a facelift, in fast-forward. It’s a little bit like going through your own remodel without any of the hassles or waiting.

How to Prepare for a Home Remodeling Project

Worker tools depicting Howe to Prepare Home Remodeling Project

Whether you are having your roof or windows replaced, remodeling your kitchen or embarking on some other home remodeling project, there will still be work involved for you even if you aren’t doing the remodeling yourself.

Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance: Why You Need to Maintain Your Roof

Commercial flat roof maintenance

If you are having a new commercial flat roof installed or are taking care of an existing flat roof system, you need to have a maintenance plan in place.

Your building or buildings are an essential part of your investment. It is a sensible decision to have preventative maintenance as part of your yearly plan.

Preventative maintenance will ensure you make timely repairs to prevent higher costs. Additionally, preventative maintenance will help to keep your employees, tenants, and team members safe.

Pros and Cons of Converting a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof

Pros and Cons of Converting a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof

We’ve talked a lot about flat roofs and how they are different from pitched roofs. Both the way flat roofs are designed, and also the materials and processes that are used to build them are different from sloped roofs.

If you live in a building or home or own a commercial building that was designed with a flat roof, the chances are good that it was designed that way on purpose.

However, in construction anything is possible! There may be compelling reasons to change the pitch of your roof, even if your reason is just that you like the look of a pitched roof better.

How to Cope With a Flat Roof on Your New House

House with flat roof

Although we typically see flat roofing on industrial and commercial buildings, and sloped roofs reserved for residential buildings, there are many situations where the reverse is true.

Some commercial buildings, however large, are designed with sloped roofs. They require the same expertise and safety precautions as a residential roof, but on a larger scale.

How to Convert Your Flat Roof into a Rooftop Garden, Terrace or Deck

Rooftop garden deck

Do you have a commercial flat roof? Have you considered adding a rooftop garden, terrace or deck?

Perhaps you need more outdoor space for your business. Or your restaurant business is expanding and you’re not sure where to put extra seating.

A rooftop garden may sound like a great solution. However, you are not sure if the roof structure can support it.

The good news is that, in construction, many things are possible.

The Crucial Role of Flashing on Your Flat Commercial Roof

Crucial role of flashing - commercial roof

Flashing is one of the most essential components of your roofing system. It plays one of the most crucial roles in maintaining a watertight barrier between your building and the weather outside. To do this, it has to be installed correctly.

Top 4 Common Commercial Roof Problems

Common commercial roof problems

Whether you are a commercial building owner, manager and maintenance person all in one, it’s up to you to stay educated about your commercial roof.

Since commercial roofing can experience several typical problems over time, you need to know what to look for and when the signs point toward a need for professional intervention.

Commercial Roof Leaks: Causes and Solutions

Commercial roof leaks

It’s the last kind of a headache you want to deal with as a building owner: a leaking roof. Whether or not you do business in the building you own, the discovery of a leaking roof causes stress and sometimes panic if someone else’s property is getting ruined or tenants are beating down your door.

It can happen to anyone, even if you are properly maintaining your roof and have regular inspections. All it takes is one big storm, and something might get blown loose. Or as the saying goes “everything is fine, right up until it isn’t”

Exciting New Trends in Roofing Technology

New roofing technology the drone

At Renovations Roofing & Remodeling, Inc., we strive to be our best. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional experience to every customer on top of installing the right roofing solution for your building or home every time.

We know how to do our job well since we have been in business since 1997. However, we are always trying to keep up with the latest roofing technology. We strive to provide solutions for our company and your needs as customers.