Kitchen Bump Out Addition to Solve a Small Kitchen Problem

Kitchen bump out area

Are you struggling to serve the needs of your family in a tiny kitchen? A kitchen bump out addition may be the answer!

Though many homeowners would undoubtedly love a kitchen makeover with new floors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances, most kitchens’ real need is more space. 

While some old houses were designed for servants to access the kitchen, others kept the kitchen costs minimal. That often meant leaving kitchen square footage at a minimum as well. 

These plans don’t serve today’s families. Kitchens are already hard-working spaces with many jobs. Add the fact that the kitchen has become a gathering space both for the family and guests. Families often want an informal eating area in the kitchen, as well. That’s a lot to ask of one space! 

A Kitchen Bump Out Provides More Space Less Money

It’s hard to spend the money to update a kitchen that doesn’t serve you size-wise. However, a full-sized addition can often reach into six figures. Most people would rather move than spend that much on an addition. But what if you could have 30-50% more space in your kitchen for under $30,000?

Better still, a bump out is a moderate renovation that doesn’t require a foundation or new electrical or HVAC. 

Kitchen Bump Out – Supporting Considerations

The one consideration you will have to make is how big of a span you would like your bump out to cover. Every exterior wall of your house is a load-bearing wall, and a bump-out cuts into that wall. Picture a window seat. It is technically a bump-out, however, a kitchen bump-out is bigger. 

With only three extra feet bumped out from a 15-foot section of your kitchen wall, you would have 30% more room in the kitchen. Now, your kitchen renovation can add function and updated style to your home.

To make sure the wall still performs its function, the builder will install an engineered wood beam across the span. A more significant span means more beams or bigger, more expensive beams. Often, the extra space can be heated and cooled along with the rest of the house.

One more thing to consider is how well the bump-out can match the exterior of your house. With brick siding, it’s usually not a problem to find a coordinating siding.

Sometimes we can match other types of siding closely enough not to cause a problem. However, sometimes, there’s nothing you can do but replace all the siding at the same time.

What Will You Do With 30% More Space?

Just as with the exterior siding, matching flooring and paint colors can be so much of a challenge that it’s worth replacing the entire kitchen floor and repainting.

Many homeowners take this opportunity to re-work their kitchen layout, working a planned kitchen renovation into the micro-addition. A more significant renovation could require moving gas lines or water pipes, but it is well worth it in the end. 

With more space, you could add that island with seating for kids’ breakfasts and guests. You could add a pantry and more cabinet space. You could opt for bigger appliances, a dishwasher, and a sink that can finally accommodate pots and pans if you’re currently working with a truly tiny kitchen. 

Bringing it Home

Kitchen bump out additions, while costing less than half the price of a regular addition, can deliver a hefty benefit. If you’ve wanted more space in the kitchen in your existing house, it could be precisely what you’re looking for.

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