5 Keys to Successfully Getting the Most From Your Contractor

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Have you worked with a contractor before? Are you aware of the dynamics involved in that relationship – however short-term?

Americans spend a lot of time and effort working on their homes. Every year, something needs to be fixed or replaced, and we have to plan how to do it, hire the right people or gather the right supplies and set aside the time and get it done.

Now, more than ever, when we are spending so much more time at home, people want to renovate and improve to make their homes an inviting oasis. The best thing you can do for yourself during a remodeling project is to hire a professional contractor.

Both the contractor you choose and how you communicate with that person and live up to your end of the bargain will significantly impact this experience.

Here’s how to get the most out of it.

Guide on How to Get the Most From Your Contractor

1. Be Bold and Speak Clearly

Take it from a contractor who has seen many projects come to completion: the people who are most satisfied with their work are the ones who have realistic goals and defined parameters for the job.

While you are discussing the scope of the project, be very clear with what you expect. That way, when you sit in front of the contract going through the details once again, you can both be crystal clear about every aspect.

The last thing you want is to waste your money when the work is begun but has to be changed because it’s not what you want. Your contractor will not be happy about it, and neither will you. 

2. Contact Contractors You Did Not Hire

Simply because you didn’t hire someone for one project doesn’t mean you won’t hire them in the future.

Contractors can go through busy seasons when everyone wants something. You may not get the one you have worked with before.

Professional courtesy works both ways. Estimates may not cost anything for you as a customer. However, they aren’t free for contractors – it’s just a cost of doing the business that they must absorb.

Don’t be ashamed to admit you have gotten other estimates and have decided to hire someone else.

Contractors know this. It’s also part of the business. What they don’t like is wasting their time on a potential client. Just answer the call and tell them the truth. Down the road, you may use them for another project. With honesty and courtesy, you’ve just won good rapport. 

3. Be Available

In the relationship you are about to form with your contractor, availability is a two-way street. When you are quick to answer their calls or return phone messages, it helps set the tone.

If you want prompt answers to your questions about the job, so does your contractor. Not only that, but it helps your project to move smoothly and on time.

4. Trust Your Choice

You should research your contractor and ask for references. You should try to find a contractor by word of mouth, and look for someone who comes well recommended by someone you trust.

Make every effort to have clearly defined expectations, budget, and scope of work, so there are no big surprises. After all of that effort, if you don’t trust your contractor while they’re on the job, it’s going to make life difficult for you both.

Maybe you do trust him, but you are not acting like it. Are you showing up unannounced all the time? Hovering at the job site? Obsessively asking questions he’s already answered? These are things that will communicate distrust even if you don’t mean to.

5. Pay on Time

Just as you don’t want to get your paychecks late, neither does your contractor. That’s why you have set up a plan with them – for your protection and yours!

Nothing will frustrate him and diminish the quality and timeliness of your project faster than consistently delayed payments. Make an extra effort to keep track of payments and make them on time. 

Bringing it Home

Many home remodeling projects can be a disruption to your life. They are ultimately worth the work and extra effort. However, the process can be either frustrating or smooth, depending on your choice of contractor and how you show up to the process. Making that extra effort and communicating clearly can make a huge difference. 

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