Top Tips on How to Choose a New Bathtub

Clawfoot bathtub

If you are a new homeowner or a young homeowner about to renovate your bathroom for the first time, you probably have some ideas about how you want your bathtub to look and function.

This may be especially true if you’ve inherited the master bath from two decades ago that seems dated or doesn’t work.

However, how do you go about choosing a new tub? What are all of the options?

Pros and Cons of Bathtub Styles

We are assuming you have measured and planned out every inch of space in your new bathroom, including your freestanding tub.

In dated master bathrooms, new owners want to get rid of old jetted tubs for many reasons:

  • They take up a lot of space.
  • They are noisy and expensive to run.
  • Homeowners hardly ever use them.
  • They harbor mold and algae in their network of pipes, so they need to be cleaned frequently.
  • They don’t add resale value to your home.

You may want to keep or install a jetted tub. However, in this article, we will be talking about freestanding tubs instead.

Here are a few pros of a freestanding bathtub:

  • They are simple to run and have a more timeless feel.
  • If you are looking to relax alone or with a partner, you won’t have the same issues with noise.
  • They don’t have the same issues with mold and algae, or require ample space, allowing you to utilize more of your bathroom.
  • They are very popular and can help increase the resale value of your home.

Freestanding Tub Styles

  • Make sure you take into consideration how you would like to use your bath.
  • Do you want the option of a long soak?
  • Are you hoping for a high-end spa feel?
  • Do you need to use the tub for kids or pets?
  • Are you tall and need extra room to stretch out?

Tub prices range from $300 to thousands of dollars, depending on how big they are and what materials are used to create them.

Soaking bathtub

Quite a few tubs out there are billed as soaking tubs. They come in various lengths, depths, and widths to accommodate your space and your needs.

Slipper tub

Slipper tubs have a taller end to support your back for a more enjoyable soak, or choose a double slipper tub to accommodate two people at once.

Japanese soaking tub

If you’re looking for a full immersion experience, where your whole body can be submerged at once, look for one of these.

Clawfoot tub

New clawfoot bathtubs can be any of these styles with feet on the bottom that raise the tub off the floor. Or, look for an antique clawfoot tub!

Freestanding Tub Materials

Different materials will make these tubs perform slightly differently and will make the cost vary:


Yes, there are bathtubs out there cut from natural stone. Usually carved from marble or granite, these tubs are incredibly heavy.

Cast iron

Typical antique clawfoot tubs are made of cast iron with a porcelain finish. They are heavy and expensive, however, they offer the best heat retention.

If you can find an authentic antique to refinish, they can be affordable, but otherwise are some of the most expensive tubs on the market.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a less expensive option that has a natural feel is stamped steel covered in porcelain. They are easy to install, so they are often included in a new build. They don’t last as long as some of the other options.


Copper is a durable and beautiful option that resists scratching and self-heals over time if it does get scratched.


Resin is a material that can be made to look like stone or made into a custom look but is much more lightweight than natural stone


Fiberglass is made by spraying polyester glass strings into a mold and letting it harden, these tubs are the lightest and very scratch-resistant. Their color fades over time.


Acrylic bathtubs are tubs are made of stretched acrylic with fiberglass and resin coatings. They are also lightweight and scratch-resistant, but one step up from fiberglass in quality.


American Standard makes a tub out of a metal that is half the weight of iron but just as durable, thick, and with excellent heat retention. There are several models made of this material that are also cost-effective.

Bringing it Home

Whether you are hoping for an antique or reproduction clawfoot tub, a luxury full-body soaking tub, or a statement stone bathtub for your bathroom remodel, there are many attractive options for you.

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