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Bay window

Are you looking to add more space to your house without an addition? Do you want more light and more sitting room in your living space? Maybe it’s time to install a new bow or bay window!

The Difference Between a Bay Window and a Bow Window

Adding new window opening

Does your house feel small and dark? Does your room seem to need something, but you are not sure what that something is?

Do you sometimes wish your windows were bigger? Did you ever wish you could move a window from one place to another for convenience?

Today’s post is all about the cost and everything that factors into creating a new window opening in an existing wall. What I’m going to cover should also apply to moving a window or enlarging your windows.

Vaulted ceilings

Does your house feel small and cramped inside? Are you looking to add space and value without creating a home addition?

Today we are going to talk about vaulted ceilings, how they can add value and space to a cramped interior, what is involved in that process, and whether the price and the hassle are worth it in the end.

Backyard pizza oven

Do you like to entertain outdoors? Do you dream of having the house on the block where everyone wants to hang out but lack the funds to build an in-ground pool or a hot-tub?

I have the perfect answer for you: build a backyard pizza oven.


Did you know that beautiful landscaping adds as much as 20% to the value of your home?

It kind of makes you want to splurge on that flowering tree or those stone pavers, doesn’t it?

It’s true; outdoor spaces are getting just as much attention as the house itself these days. When you see what a difference it can make on some of these home and garden shows to clean up your landscape, you want to do it too. 

A great way to achieve a living space that extends to the outdoors without breaking the bank is a little thing called a pergola.

House with exterior trim work

Do you like the look of a well-trimmed house? Trim work can be one of the most exciting finishing touches on your home exterior. It can add style and balance to the look of your house, and it can give your house an instant update and make it look new.

In addition, exterior trim work can provide extra protection for your roof against moisture and wind.

Read on to find out about all the exciting exterior trim options!

Whitewash brick

Are you looking for a clean, new look for your home’s brick exterior? Have you considered the whitewash technique that uses latex paint?

Today we are going to wrap up our series on exterior brick and how you can change the look and feel of your house.

Limewash brick exterior

House with limewash brick exterior. Photo courtesy Acme Brick*

Do you have visibly aging brick? Are you considering a new exterior on your brick home, but not sure how to change the color or appearance of your brick?

Although brick is one of the oldest and most stable building materials, it doesn’t always age well.

Bricks that are chipped or worn around the edges aren’t the look everyone is going for. There is also the genuine problem of dated brick facades for many homeowners.

How do you give your house an update that doesn’t cost many thousands of dollars in this situation?

Brick house with German smear technique

Brick house with German smear technique. Photo courtesy Pine Hall Brick

Is your home’s brick exterior outdated, dingy, or old? Are you looking for a new look for your home but not sure if you should paint your brick exterior?


House with painted brick exterior

To paint or not to paint your home’s brick exterior, that is the question. It is at least the one perennial and raging debate you will find on any home renovation blog or show.

Fierce battle lines have been drawn with one side fully in the natural all-brick-all-the-time camp and the other willing to do whatever it takes to cover their bricks.

Do you have your mind set on freshening up your home’s traditional brick exterior? What are your options?