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Whole house renovation

When most people think about a whole house renovation, they are most likely thinking only of the last few steps of the process – the beautiful finishings that you and other people will see from day to day.

Even when you are thinking about a significant structural change – like opening up walls or vaulting a ceiling, you may not realize everything that goes into a large-scale renovation.

Tools depicting emergency repairs during quarantine

There is no doubt that anyone living now will forget the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. Everyone in the world is affected by this virus somehow, and many countries are on complete quarantine.

Schools, businesses, churches, and all non-essential services have been suspended to try to decelerate the spread of COVID-19.

Are you stuck at home with a leaking roof or pipes? Were you in the middle of a kitchen renovation when the virus made its way to the United States?

Kitchen design depicting Home renovation

Now is the moment. You have been waiting to start fixing the areas of your house that have been bugging you the most. You have saved up the money, made room in your budget for the payments, and you know exactly what home renovation you want to do.


Home renovation

Home renovation has become one of the most significant sources of entertainment in this country, as well as one of the main areas where new homeowners spend their hard-earned money.

What can be more exciting than getting into your new home? Whether it’s 100 years old and falling apart, or a new build, there’s usually a reason you bought your house, and it’s about to become your pet project.

However, what you don’t know you’re doing wrong could cost you in the end. Read on to find out which mistakes to avoid.

House with stone masonry

Do you like the look of stone masonry? The use of stone for homes or buildings is a timeless choice. It exudes the permanence, luxury, and strength of a castle or an ancient building, and sometimes the charm and old-world quality of those buildings as well.

Backyard swimming pool

Some people dream of having a backyard swimming pool. I know of some children who would love nothing more than to walk out their back door and jump into their pool every day of the summer.

Granite countertops

Who has dreamed of having granite countertops?

Granite is one of the most beautiful things you can put in a room. It covers such a large and visible surface area, it’s like putting on a beautiful dress or suit.

What if that nice suit was durable enough to wear for gardening? That’s what it’s like to have granite counters. They are as beautiful and durable as everyone says.

However, are there any hidden problems or costs with granite? Can you ruin it? Does it need expensive upkeep that no one talks about?

Read on to find out.

Kitchen renovation trends

Do you have dated kitchen cabinets, old appliances, and worn flooring? Does your kitchen’s lighting make it resemble a cave? Is it small and cramped, with room for only one person? These are all great reasons to consider a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen countertop

There’s a reason the real estate adage: “kitchens sell homes” is so well-known. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Gone are the days of tiny, closed-off kitchens or kitchens behind closed doors.

Backyard privacy example

Want to spend more time outside in the comfort and privacy of your backyard?

Are you having trouble with the privacy aspect of your backyard oasis?