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Residential house depicting home exterior trends

Are you thinking about going for a different look on your home exterior?

Do you want an update that will stand the test of time and still be what all your neighbors are dreaming of?

The following are the eight most popular home exterior design trends for this year. However, we are confident these trends will continue well into the future.

Stylish ranch depicting easy ways to change the style of your house.

Have you ever thought about changing the style of your house?

The economy is finally booming. The days of ten houses sitting for sale on the same block are gone.

The housing market is doing very well, and the chances are good that you are doing better now, too. Many of us are financially better off than we were during the recession.

Are you starting to think about how you can update your house now that you have more financial freedom?

Is that 1970s split level beginning to bother you, even though you like your neighborhood?

Would you believe it’s possible to change the style of your house entirely? It is! Here are three of the easiest ways.

New addition construction

Putting a new addition onto your home can be an excellent way to increase your square footage without having to sacrifice all the things you love about your neighborhood and your existing house.

If your community’s zoning laws allow it, it is possible to change the whole look and feel of your home exterior with a simple addition.

What if you don’t want to or can’t afford to change the entire look of your house?

Sliding doors overlooking deck

Is it time to replace your sliding door? Are you tired of working around a slider that stopped working years ago?

Popular window styles

Are you dreaming about replacing your windows but are confused about all the different window styles?

There are many aspects to choosing new windows for your house or business. You want to make sure they are the right style, fit, and functionality. Additionally, there are hundreds of options out there.

Proud to be an NRCA member - National Roofing Week 2019

It’s National Roofing Week! This week has been designated by the National Roofing Contractors Association – or the NRCA.

Being a member of the NRCA means a company has the highest professional standards in the country.

New wood deck by Renovations Roofing & Remodeling, Inc.

It’s that time of year again in Michigan! It is time to dust off the patio furniture, bring the grill out of storage, and enjoy the outdoors.

We wait for such a long time for this season here in Michigan. We want to make sure our outdoor spaces are safe to use for the whole summer.

Have you been using an old wood deck? Are you seeing signs of aging, but want to know which ones are safe to live with and which ones mean your deck needs to be replaced?

House with vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options out there because of its price point, durability, low-maintenance needs, and the full range of color and style choices it provides.

Exterior view of house depicting how to choose the right new windows.

When it comes to choosing the right news windows style your home, you might be at a loss.

You may realize that you don’t pay much attention to window styles.

Do you suddenly wonder if you know the architectural style of your house?

Do you want to preserve the original lines and value of your home when you replace your windows?

What if you think it doesn’t matter very much?

It does matter, more than you might realize!

Updated home exterior

When was the last time you stepped back and took a good look at the outside of your house?

Even though we all know by now that curb appeal increases the value of a home; sometimes the house exterior is the last place we want to spend money.

So, if your house needs updating, is there anything you can do to make a difference?

The good news is, yes!