Pros and Cons of Adding a Bathroom to the Basement

Basement Bathroom

Are you thinking about your house a lot more lately? Wondering how you can add functional space? Are you considering finishing your basement and adding a basement bathroom?

One major question that comes up whenever you talk about finishing a basement is whether you should add a bathroom and if it’s worth the expense.

It all depends on the size and how you want the space to function. In addition, there are some budget concerns, depending on how the plumbing in your house is laid out.

How Big is Your Basement? 

If you are lucky enough to have a basement that runs the entire footprint of the house, and you’re going to finish the whole thing, keep in mind what you want to do with the space.

If you have 2,000 square feet and you are using the entire area, you are not going to want to walk upstairs to use the bathroom.

However, if you are talking about one 400 square foot area, you are probably not doing much living down there.

How Do You Want the Space to Function?

Do you want a home gym or a T.V. room in your basement? Do you plan to install a bar and host parties down there? Will you retrofit the space to build more bedrooms?

Home gyms and T.V. rooms don’t technically need a spot for a bathroom. However, would you use the area for guests?

What if you have a large party? When you are talking about having a bar and hosting guests in your basement, you want a convenient bathroom to save guests from having to walk upstairs.

For living space such as a guest room or extra bedrooms, a shower is essential.

Bottom line? You are not going to be sorry you put in a bathroom if you plan to use the space often. 

The Cost of Adding a Basement Bathroom

The average cost of adding a basement bathroom will vary due to a number of factors. A modest estimate is in the range of $10,000 to $15,000. The overall cost can be higher for several reasons.

Here are the things that can make adding a basement bathroom more or less expensive:

  • Plumbing Location – Depending on where you place the bathroom, it can be easier or harder to lay the plumbing. Laying plumbing is a big job, no matter what room you are in. If you can build your bathroom underneath existing plumbing, however, it will be less expensive. 
  • Sewer Location – Does your sewer line exit the house at the basement level or street level? It can make a big difference in price. Water has to be brought down to the basement and back up out of it if your sewer line is above the basement level. In some situations, the plumber may have to break up part of your concrete floor to rough in the plumbing. Bigger jobs, like jack-hammering concrete floors, come with more significant price tags.
  • Fixtures & Tiling – After roughed-in plumbing, building walls, electrical work, and drywall, green board, and mudding, the price depends on the fixtures and finishes you choose. The price of fixtures comes in a wide range, just like styles and colors, and these can add up quickly. Tile work tends to be more expensive than prefabricated shower surrounds and drywall. Tiles themselves are more costly to buy, and they are more expensive in labor costs. 

Bringing it Home

Adding a basement bathroom could be the thing that completes your space. Do you live in Southeast Michigan? Call us today with any questions! We’re always honored to help. 

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