Top 5 Things That Will Hinder Your Home Remodeling Project

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If you have ever been around someone who is having their home remodeled, you know that the timeline of a home remodeling project can get backed-up without warning.

The reason you may know this is because it was probably a stressful time for your friend or family member. Maybe they had to go for an extra two months without a working kitchen.

Home remodeling projects are notorious for going over budget and over time. That  is why many people decide not to try it just based on the bad stories from friends. Sometimes it is unavoidable.

However, not all home renovations go longer than expected. When they do, it’s not always the contractor’s fault. Once in a while, it’s because of a decision on the part of the homeowner.

But how can you foresee the unforeseeable? How do you know what might go wrong so you can plan for it? Here are the top 5 occurrences that tend to completely wreck your time frame.

5 Things That Delay a Remodeling Project

Inadequate Plans

Whose plans are you following, and how detailed are these plans? If this is your first home renovation and you are starting to call contractors to bid on your project based on a verbal description, you might want to stop right there. Cue the record scratch sound.

The more you plan, the more accurate your bids are going to be. This means that for a big or detailed project, you first need to hire someone to make a full set of plans, with drawings and specifications.

Each contractor you interview can look at the same set of plans to tell you how much it will cost to execute the design in your hand. It takes out so much of the guesswork and precludes the potential time-wasting problems later on.


Permits always take time. Sometimes, it’s a small amount of time that we roll into the entire remodeling process, and you don’t even hear about it.

Periodically, zoning laws mean weeks added to the timeline. If your project requires a waiver that has to go before a planning board for approval, the timeline is out of your hands until that approval is granted.

However, your contractor should have a good idea of what to expect and will give you a heads-up.


We are a full-service general contractor and roofing company in Michigan. We know how testy the weather can be. We also work in many kinds of weather to complete outdoor projects.  We are committed to doing good work in all types of weather.

However, some weather makes renovation projects impossible – dangerous storms, intense cold, many days of unrelenting rain. Even the best-laid plans sometimes have to be set aside for bad weather.

Unmanageable Subcontractors

One of the biggest advantages of working with a professional company for home renovation is the relationship they have with top-notch tradespeople.

From electric to plumbing to drywall and painting, you can’t overestimate how much better a job will go when you have consistent subcontractors who are loyal to your contractor.

Even your best friend has to prioritize his career over your renovation in a DIY situation. However, even for the best contractors, sometimes one subcontractor’s schedule gets messed up, and it has a ripple effect on your project.

Changing Your Mind

There is really no such thing as “while you’re at it” in a home renovation. But we hear it all the time. We know it’s your house or business and you want the end result to be what you envisioned.

A change order can have ripple effects. For example, if a subcontractor does not show up on his original day, it delays the inspection, which delays the next subcontractor, and so on. Your change order can have a ripple effect that drastically changes both the timeline and the budget of your original plan.


From inadequate plans to changing your mind, these are some of the most common issues that affect your home remodeling timeline. However, it is not an exhaustive list.

If you have questions, and your remodeling project isn’t going how you think it should go, it’s best to talk to your contractor. Any good contractor will be updating you before you can ask, but will also be willing to answer questions.

Speaking of questions, if you have any and live in Southeast Michigan, please call us! We’ll be happy to help.

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