8 Most Popular Home Exterior Trends in 2019

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Are you thinking about going for a different look on your home exterior?

Do you want an update that will stand the test of time and still be what all your neighbors are dreaming of?

The following are the eight most popular home exterior design trends for this year. However, we are confident these trends will continue well into the future.

2019 Most Popular Home Exterior Trends

Some of these home exterior trends are more significant home renovations. Some of them are quick fixes you could do yourself over the weekend.

Let’s look at the more expensive, lasting options first.

Modern Farmhouse Style

If you want to follow one of the biggest trends right now and re-do your whole exterior, consider the modern farmhouse style.

This style consists of board and batten siding and high contrast colors, such as white painted siding and black window frames.

Modern farmhouse style incorporates some of the traditional farmhouse elements, like gabled rooflines and standing seam metal roofing with modern lighting fixtures and open floor plans.

Mixed Natural Materials

Mixing materials on your home exterior – such as brick, stone, siding, wood, and metal – is a prevalent trend right now and it’s here to stay.

There are many ways to do this well, such as installing stone footings, vinyl or wood siding, wooden corbels, and wrought iron light fixtures.

Stone continues to be the most popular natural element to add, and it receives a high return on investment.

Front Porches & Inviting Entrances

A front porch feels welcoming. It’s a place to dress up the front of your house, and it can make a serious style impact.

By combining this trend with mixed natural materials, you can add a brick or stone front porch, or beef up the columns with timber beams for a more natural look.

Hidden entrances are one of those design trends that are definitely out. In years past, it was cool to hide your front door, but no longer.

Copper Gutters

In keeping with the natural elements theme, copper gutters have continued to rise in popularity.

Copper gutters are beautiful both before and after they acquire their natural green patina, and they have a long lifespan.

If you want to take your home’s look up a notch, consider installing new copper gutters, or painting your old ones a copper color.

Home Exterior Trends – Quick Fixes

If you are not into spending a fortune on changing the style of your home exterior, here are a few ways to up your curb appeal with 2019’s biggest trends.

Front Door

It’s time to ditch the red front door. Although it gives your house a nice punch of color, there are many other colors to choose from, and red is now looking dated.

If you are painting your door, opt for something classic like black or an unusual blue color to be on trend.

If you are getting a new door, consider something weighty but light-bringing: a glass and iron front door.

New front doors are always a high return on investment, so you can’t go wrong. In fact, a new steel door has a national recoup value of 74.9% according to the Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value Report.

In addition, glass panels can go a long way toward opening up the whole front of your house.

Exterior Color

Choosing the best color for your house can be tough. We have all seen that Smurf blue house and wondered what they could have been thinking. One thing is for sure: “painted ladies” are out.

If you have a Victorian house, unless you are on the beach, it’s time to rethink the bright color scheme.

The same thing goes for just about any other bright color out there for your home exterior. If you still want to go bold, opt for a bold, dark blue color.


Maybe your lush garden is your thing. However, if you have been yearning to tear out those big bushes in the front, do it.

Simple landscaping is and will continue to be on trend. A few small bushes, maybe some hostas, and a lovely window box or planter is all you need to complete your exterior look these days. Opt for dark mulch.

Address Numbers

This is a favorite weekend project because it has the potential to make a significant impact with so little.

Big house numbers are in, and not just big, but sleek and simple. Look for large, black numerals and install them in a place where they are likely to stand out. It’s that simple.

Bringing it Home

There are many ways, big and small, to improve your home exterior.

If you have any questions about new siding, doors, windows or roofing, please give us a call! We would be happy to walk you through all of the different options.

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