3 Easy Ways to Change the Style of Your House

Stylish ranch depicting easy ways to change the style of your house.

Have you ever thought about changing the style of your house?

The economy is finally booming. The days of ten houses sitting for sale on the same block are gone.

The housing market is doing very well, and the chances are good that you are doing better now, too. Many of us are financially better off than we were during the recession.

Are you starting to think about how you can update your house now that you have more financial freedom?

Is that 1970s split level beginning to bother you, even though you like your neighborhood?

Would you believe it’s possible to change the style of your house entirely? It is! Here are three of the easiest ways.

Easy Ways to Change the Style of Your House

Raise the Roof

Your house’s roofline is one of the leading players determining its style.

Visually, it takes up almost the same space and has the same weight as the body of the house.

If your roof dominates your house and it’s unattractive or worse, in poor repair, it’s likely to make you feel cynical about the outside of your home.

Literally raising the roof, while possible in some cases, may not be in everyone’s budget.

If you don’t need a second story, but you want to add more visual interest to your house, you can change the pitch of your roof.

You can also add elements to your roofline that will dramatically change the style of your home.

A ranch-style home takes on a cottage feel with a steeper slope and deeper eaves. Dormers can give the illusion of a second floor without the expense, and make it into a Cape Cod style.

If you are tired of the flat front of your colonial or split foyer home, the addition of a small front porch works wonders to add charm, depth, and character.

Modernize the Windows

Do you have dated windows? Do they look too small for your house? Or maybe they’re just the wrong style.

Perhaps you want to reclaim the mid-century modern feel of your 1950s ranch and modernize it too.

Swap out the double sash windows for something more horizontal and choose a dark frame that will make your house stand out instead of blending in.

If you have a bigger budget in mind, changing the shape of your window holes is another option. Homes with arched windows have had spurts of popularity, but tend to look dated now.

If you are already planning an exterior renovation, consider making those rectangular instead to bring your house back to a classic look instantly.

Change the Siding

Are you tired of old, worn-out vinyl or aluminum siding? Does your brick color and texture look dated?

The easiest way to make a significant impact is to change the color and finish of your home exterior. You can paint brick or use a German smear technique.

Vinyl and composite siding comes in so many colors, shapes, and finishes today that it’s not a budget killer to update your house’s look.

Bringing it Home

If you think your home exterior is lackluster but you are just not sure how to fix it; or if you’d like to change or update the style of your home, there are style solutions for every budget.

Give us a call if you have any questions! We would be honored to help you find what you are looking for.

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