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Luxury bathroom depicting Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

Do you dream about remodeling your frumpy, dirty or old bathroom? Do you find yourself picking tiles and fixtures and comparing paint colors in your mind? Have you yearned for a soaking tub, a double vanity, or a walk-in shower?

How realistic are these daydreams?

Can you realistically get some or any of those things within a budget? Is it worth the time, money, and hassle on the other end?

New Bathroom Adds Value

Yes, it’s worth it to update an old or dirty bathroom.

It’s especially worth it if you have problems with your plumbing, old fixtures, or mold. According to the Remodeling Magazine 2020 Cost vs. Value report, the national average for a bathroom remodeling for midrange homes is 64% return on your investment when you sell your house.

Or, you can change that bathroom for you and your family to enjoy.

Bathrooms are also much cheaper to remodel than the other big seller – the kitchen. The average bathroom remodel cost is $21,377 as reported by the same Remodeling Magazine report.

However, the final cost does depend on a number of factors including materials, location, and the extent of work. HomeAdvisor reports the typical range is between $6,000 and $15,000 with low-end remodels ranging around $2,500 and high, $25,000. Luxury master bathroom remodels can hit $50,000 or more.

Smart Budget Breakdowns

You can certainly break the bank with that one high-priced item and skimp on all the rest. However, here’s a breakdown of how to make your remodel look seamless and fit the budget.

Save 20% Off the Bat

For any remodel, you will hear that you need to save about 20% for unexpected costs.

Any time you are dealing with a room that routinely gets wet and where plumbing is involved, you must be aware that there may be underlying issues when you start the demo. Better to have that extra for a splurge than to come up short.

Cost Breakdown of Your Bathroom Remodel

Labor and Installation 50%

Labor is a big part of bathroom perfection. From drywall to laying tile to expert plumbing, bathrooms aren’t the best room to DIY. The pros will get it done expertly and quickly.

The remaining 50% will go to materials:

Fixtures – 20%

This category includes your toilet, sinks, shower head, and faucets. It’s worth buying things that will last, as these fixtures generally get used multiple times per day and will stay part of your bathroom for many years to come. Choose a low-flow shower head and LED lights to save on energy bills.

Surfaces & Cabinetry – 15%

Every surface needs consideration in a bathroom – walls, floors, cabinets, and showers. It all needs to withstand a constant barrage of water. If you have a favorite tile, choose to install it in a small area for a showcase – like a backsplash instead of a whole shower wall – to save money.

Countertops – 10%

Granite and marble can quickly bring your budget over the top, so consider how much counter space you need versus how much room is left in the budget. Your contractor can suggest plenty of budget-friendly options.

Design Details – 5% or less

Paint colors, artwork, and wall fixtures are what make the style all your own. Make this part of your budget so you can be sure to feel at home in the final product.

Bringing it Home

Bathroom renovations will almost always be worth the time and money spent. Even a small refresh can make you feel more at home, make your bathroom feel luxurious, and help you sell your house someday.

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