Top Signs It’s Time to Redo Your Bathroom

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Unless you have just completed a bathroom renovation, most of us would love the chance to remake our bathrooms; add some personal touches, some character, and some luxury.

Most of us don’t have the budget or time – not to mention the patience – to overhaul the entire bathroom. If it’s your only bathroom, it’s nearly impossible to contemplate.

Likewise, if you are getting ready to sell the house, you are probably doing what every homeowner does and getting ready to fix everything that’s been on the list for months or years.

Bathrooms are a big deal to potential buyers. They aren’t as important as kitchens, but almost.

What Buyers Will See

The good news is, if you don’t have ten thousand dollars to spend on your bathroom, you can still make it a more delightful place to be and add your own touch.

Additionally, if you are hoping to sell your house soon, here’s what you need to look at replacing to make it the best it can be on a budget. Even small fixes can help potential buyers put themselves in your space and make it feel like new.

Problems to Fix Right Away

A general rule of thumb is to replace anything old or leaky. These are easy and cheap fixes that make a significant impact.

You might be surprised by how much your buyers will be impressed by a small repair. These types of restorations include:

Any Leaking Fixtures

Even if it’s just your bath faucet leaking, consider replacing it with something new. Leaking eventually causes corrosion and rust, which leaves a telltale streak.

Cracked or Stained Tub Liner

A new vinyl liner can make the whole room feel like new. If you can’t spring for a new one, consider having that stained bathtub re-coated for a few hundred dollars.

Old Toilets and Fixtures

Aside from leaking or looking gross, old showerheads and toilets are notorious water-guzzlers.

If your toilet is more than ten years old, it’s probably taking up about 30 percent of your indoor water use – sometimes using as much as four gallons per flush.

New toilets are inexpensive, quick to install and use as little as 1.28 gallons per flush if you get one with an EPA WaterSense label. Showerheads with this label can cut down your water usage in the shower by half a gallon a minute.


This ugly green and black stuff can smell, make you sick, and seriously endanger the sale of your house.

Mild mold problems can be cleaned up with a bleach solution. Re-grout tile that has been stained with mold to make it look fresh.

Have you ever been in a bathroom that reeks of mold? It’s awful, and buyers will take one whiff and walk away. If you think you have a bigger mold problem from leaks, it’s time to consult a professional mold tester who can help you find remediation solutions.

Mold can be a severe health problem for anyone living in your house. If you put off any other part of the project, don’t put off this one!

When Bathrooms Need Updates

Now that you have a new toilet, your grout is cleaned, and the bathroom is sparkling clean, you can update the look of your bathroom easily with these quick changes:


Paint is cheap, and it can cover a multitude of sins. Make your builder grade cabinets look custom made with a coat of paint.

You can even paint your tile or porcelain using specialty tub and tile paint. It’s made to dry with a high gloss that doesn’t wash off in water.

Bathroom walls can especially benefit from a new paint job every once in a while, and this one thing can make a significant impact.

New Vanity

If you can’t change the layout of your bathroom, a new vanity is an affordable and fun way to put your own style in the room.

An old vanity can be an eyesore, but a new one can elevate the look and feel of the floor and fixtures instantly.

Hardware & Fixtures

For a small bathroom, new fixtures and hardware don’t have to cost a lot. Classic yet trendy faucets and hardware get noticed by guests and buyers alike.

Bringing it Home

Not all bathroom renovations have to be gut renovations to satisfy you or to sell your house. These few tips should get you on the road to getting a whole new budget-friendly bathroom.

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