Top 10 Roofing and Remodeling Articles of 2018

Top 10 Roofing Articles of 2018

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At the beginning of every New Year, we look back at the previous year’s most popular topics on our blog to see what you, our readers, have been reading the most. We’ve rounded up our ten most popular posts in 2018 according to Google Analytics. This helps us to see how best to serve you in the coming year. You will also be able to see the top most visited articles in one handy location.

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Here’s our 2018 Top 10 Roofing & Remodeling Articles Roundup:

1. 3 Reasons to Change the Pitch of Your Roof

Reasons to change your roof pitch

You might be wondering about adding space to your house or changing the look of your home by changing the pitch of your roof. Here are some important considerations as you look into this decision!

2. Architectural Shingles vs. 3-Tab Shingles – Pros and Cons

Architectural shingles vs. 3-tab shingles

You may not know the difference between the types of asphalt shingles. Did you know they aren’t just flat anymore? They come in virtually any shape, size, color, and profile you could imagine. This article takes a look at the fundamental differences between the two.

3. Skylights Pros and Cons: Are They Worth the Money?


Are you dreaming about adding skylights to your ceiling? It’s understandable: skylights bring more light into the dark parts of your house.

Additionally, it’s amazing to see a bit of the sky and the weather from another vantage point. There are risks to your roof and your wallet, however. Here’s a list of the most common pros and cons of having skylights installed.

4. Roof Tear Off vs. 2nd Layer of Shingles: What You Need to Know

Roof Tear Off vs. 2nd Layer of Shingles

Are you wondering if second layer of shingles is a good idea? Or should you have that old roof torn off first? Here’s an in-depth article with what you should know.

5. Roof Ice and Water Shields & Underlayment: What You Need To Know

Roof ice and water shields

Some of the most critical components of your new roof aren’t even meant to be seen once the roof is installed. If you don’t watch the whole job, you may miss this element. Ice and water shield underlayment plays an essential part in protecting your roof. This article tells you all about what it is and what it does.

6. How to Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof (Or Yourself)

How to Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

An ever-popular post, this one is all about how to hang Christmas lights on your house the right way. Here’s a hint: it doesn’t involve a staple gun, walking on your roof, or blowing out the power on your whole block!

7. Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your House?

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Selling Your House?

Are you thinking about selling your home and wondering if you should replace the roof first? It’s a complex decision involving many factors. On the one hand, replacing your roof can eliminate a potential point of contention for buyers and cause your house to sell faster.

On the other, it’s a costly home repair you may not want to attempt on the house you’re selling. Read this article to find out all the pros and cons of replacing your roof before you sell!

8. What to Do if Your Roof Leaks in a Heavy Storm

Roof leaks heavy storm

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: water suddenly dripping on your face in the middle of the night during a heavy storm. There’s a leak in your house, and it’s probably coming from your roof. What is going on? And what should you do first?

9. Flat Roof vs. Pitched Roof: What’s the Difference?

Flat roof

As a homeowner, you may not encounter flat roofs very often or know very much about what that means for roofing materials and construction.

In this article, we outline how flat roofs differ from pitched roofs and where the exact difference lies. Most commercial roofing is flat, and flat roofs are very different from pitched roofs in many ways.

Most residential roofing is pitched, which makes it last longer, but also more dangerous to replace.

10. Attic Ventilation Vents Compared: Turbine vs. Ridge

Attic ventilation vents compared

This is one of our best posts on attic ventilation and how vital it is to the life of your roof and of your home. Not only do we show you the different types of attic vents. We also explain how all attic vents work and how they keep your home warm, dry, and mold-free.


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