Top 7 Roofing Industry Problems You Wish You Knew

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Like any industry, the roofing industry has its dirty secrets that some companies would prefer you don’t know about.

Construction and roofing can be a big moneymaker if you don’t mind swindling your clients and never looking back. It’s the customer and the insurance companies who end up paying.

However, that’s not how we do business, and we don’t have to worry about exposing the secrets of companies we would never emulate. So here they are:

Top Roofing Industry Problems Exposed

Roofing Companies That Are Not Local

You can go online and likely find a few hundred roofing companies who say they do business in your area. You have most likely gotten a knock on your door from a guy who says he’s giving out free estimates and it looks like your home needs a new roof. He’s happy to share his very competitive rates.

These businesses are more than likely not local roofing companies, but they want to appear as though they are. They will buy pre-paid cell phones with local numbers to achieve this.

More on this next, but here are some ways to spot what we call “storm chasers“: look at his license plate, the area code on his fax number, or the address on his paperwork. You can also do a Google search or try stopping by the office.

What’s the problem with an out-of-state roofer?

There are numerous problems. However, the most basic one is that this company won’t be around to fix any issues you might have with your new roof. You have just handed your money to someone who doesn’t care about his reputation in your community.

Now onto some of the other problems that come with this way of doing business.

Roofing Companies Not Licensed in Your State or Neighborhood

It may sound counterintuitive, but if a guy is showing up at your home trying to drum up business, it’s very likely he’s not licensed to perform work in your neighborhood, or even your state!

He may be using someone else’s license, but it’s a red flag that shows you he’s not going to be around to fix any of his mistakes.

Companies Lining Their Pockets by Cutting Corners

If you like the quote you are being given because it’s so much lower than some of the others. First, ask yourself how a company can afford to replace a roof for so cheap?

Many roofing companies use substandard materials and untrained labor to install a new roof so they can take as much of your cash for themselves as they can.

Beware of the contractor who can’t proudly show you which roofing material companies they work with.

Roofing Companies That Are Not Certified

The leading roofing material companies offer certification programs for reputable roofing companies and contractors to be trained to install their product. This practice is good for everyone involved, especially you the customer.

If the company you’re dealing with can’t produce a certification from at least one reputable manufacturing company, you’re in trouble.

Roofing Companies Not Offering Workmanship Warranties

Most shingle manufacturers offer warranties on their products that come standard. However, you need to dig a little bit deeper to find out if the company you’re going to hire provides a warranty on the workmanship of its installers.

In many cases, poor installation can make the material warranty void, so if you’ve gotten a poor install, you’re doubly doomed.

Companies That Want To Keep Inspectors Out

Some contractors will actually try to sell you on avoiding inspections as a way to keep your hands free of red tape. They will fail to pull the proper permits for your job and make it sound like inspectors are only out to make money of their own.

However, this practice can only work out negatively for you as a homeowner while the contractor is long gone with your money.

The bottom line is if a contractor is afraid of having his work seen and criticized by a third party, you need to ask yourself why.

Permits and building codes are meant to protect the public from scams and shoddy workmanship. It’s your contractor’s job to make sure all his work is up to code.

Companies That Make Money on Financing Your Job

It’s become standard practice for most construction companies to offer financing for big home improvement jobs. It’s an excellent way to be able to provide the high-quality work you want to do for your customer who doesn’t have one big chunk of change to plunk down for a new roof.

Companies like ours partner with lending institutions to offer similar or better credit offers than you would find if you searched for financing on your own, with much more convenience.

However, you need to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the terms before you sign. Some disreputable companies are charging rates that are too high or partnering with shady lending institutions.

Bringing it Home

The best thing you can do when you’re looking for reputable roofing companies is to find out which companies are locally owned. In addition, make sure you are asking questions about each of these topics.

An honest company may not give you the absolute lowest price you can find out there. However, they will be able to proudly show you all of their warranties, certifications, positive local reviews, and much more!

Finally, if we can be of any help and you live in Southeast Michigan, please give us a call. We’re here whenever you need us!

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