Emerging Roofing Trends Of 2019

Solar panels on roof - 2019 roofing trends

At Renovations Roofing & Remodeling, Inc., we make sure to stay on top of new technology and updates in roofing products so that we can bring you the most up-to-date service possible.

As part of that endeavor, we make sure we watch new roofing trends each year. As with any new trend, it may become popular enough that many of our customers are requesting it.

We want to make sure we know everything there is to know about roofing. In doing so, we can advise you to the best of our ability.

Here are some new trends emerging and becoming more popular in 2019.

Emerging Roofing Trends – 2019

Environmentally Conscious Roofing Options

Whichever way you fall politically, the Eco-friendly trend continues to become more and more popular.

More homeowners and businesses are searching for ways to make their homes and buildings more energy efficient.

This is good for the environment and good for wallets as the price of oil continues to go up.

As more people desire Eco-friendly options, more markets emerge for roofing and construction businesses.

Solar Panels

With the Solar Investment Tax Credit still in effect until 2021, you can potentially reclaim about 30% of the purchase and installation cost of a new solar power system as a federal tax credit.

Many homeowners in Michigan may take advantage of this, as well as Michigan’s net metering policy, which allows those with a solar panel system to earn credit on their energy bills if their system generates more than what they use in any given month.

In the past, solar panels have been expensive and difficult to install. However, that is starting to change.

The cost of solar panels continues to go down, and more companies are making it easier for roofers to install them with measurements and diagrams for optimal placement.

In the next several years and decades, solar panels will continue to become standard.

Cool Roofing

Cool roofing may take more hold in climates hotter than Michigan. The basic idea is to apply a highly reflective type of paint, highly reflective shingles tiles or a sheet covering to deflect much of the sun’s heat and energy away from your roof.

This practice can keep your home cooler, and it can reduce the urban “heat island” effect.

Green Roofs

We’ve written before about green roofs, which are literally green.

Living plants replace the asphalt or EPDM covering on a roof,

  • Keeping it cooler
  • Lowering carbon emissions
  • Cleaning the air
  • Protecting you from UV radiation, ozone, wind and hail, and
  • Lasting much longer than a traditional roof.

Many buildings are being built with green roofs around the Midwest. This trend will continue to spread to residential roofing.

Skylights Are Back

We have examined the pros and cons of installing a skylight in your roof.

The new skylights have environmental benefits as well. If they are placed correctly, skylights can reduce your building’s need for lighting and energy costs by regulating temperature more effectively.

New skylights are very well insulated as well. There is no need to worry that adding one will increase your energy costs.

Bringing it Home

This year, the newest roofing trends are all about being Eco-friendly. Do you have any questions about these new roofing trends or any other roofing material?

Please give us a call if you are located in Southeast Michigan. We would be honored to help!

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