Top Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection After a Storm

Storm clouds and roof depicting roof inspection after a storm

We all know that strong storms can do damage to our roofs. What you don’t know is that small damage from storms can go undetected.

It’s not just those catastrophic storms you need to pay attention to. Roof damage can come from all kinds of weather – some you wouldn’t think would do much damage to your roof.

And if you are tempted to throw a ladder up and try to look around yourself, check out these reasons why you need a professional roof inspection after a storm.

Types of Storm Damage

Winter Storms

Winter storms can wreak havoc on your roof. You can get heavy snows, fluctuating temperatures that create ice dams, high winds; you name it.

Sleet can build up and freeze in the nooks and crannies of your roof, causing shingles and gutters to crack. It can be bad news very fast.

High Winds

We experience high winds in Michigan, although it might not be the first thing you think about when you think of Michigan weather.

Even if we don’t get many tornadoes and no hurricanes, high winds can blow shingles right off and branches or even big trees down onto your roof.

If you lose shingles, your roof is wide open to water and all the problems that come with water getting into your home.

Hail Storms

Although we don’t have many hail storms, they do happen from time to time. Hail can damage the metal flashing on your roof’s most vulnerable points.

Heavy Rain

An unusually rainy season may wash away your shingles’ protective coating.

Why You Should Have a Professional Roof Inspection After a Storm

There are a number of things the average homeowner won’t know to look for when assessing storm damage. In addition, it is dangerous to attempt to walk around on top of your roof yourself.

The top benefits of a professional roof inspection include:

Up Close and Personal

You can’t see all the roof damage from the ground. Areas like flashing need to be checked in person by a professional roofer who knows how to spot damage.

Roof Stability

Any inspection will include an assessment of the stability of your roof’s structure, which may not be something you would catch on your own

Leaks & Hidden Water Damage

Professionals will know where to look for weak spots or leaks that have gone unnoticed on your roof. Often, small leaks go ignored until a big storm hits.

Insulation Check

Roof damage always comes with potential damage to the insulation in your attic. Roof inspectors can assess if your insulation was impacted in the storm and recommend fixes.

Catch a Minor Problem Early

We can’t say it enough: roof maintenance saves you money in the long run.

Having a professional inspect your roof after a storm or when minor repairs are needed can save you a lot of money over the long haul.

Small breaches in your roof can become big problems over time if they aren’t caught and repaired.

Insurance Claims

The process of making an insurance claim can be made much easier when you have a professional company assessing the damage.

A professional can:

  • See what needs to be done.
  • Accurately predict how much it will cost to fix.
  • File the paperwork with your insurance company for you, so you can get the damage covered, and repairs can start right away.


Having a professional roof inspection after a big storm can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches down the road. A professional inspection may require a fee. At Renovations Roofing & Remodeling, Inc., the fee would be credited if any work was needed and performed.

If your home is located in Southeast Michigan and you are interested in having it inspected, please give us a call. We would be honored to help!

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