3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Roof Inspector

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One of the first things any potential new homeowner does after making an offer on a house is to have the home inspected. If you have ever owned a house, you know that this is the smart thing to do for many reasons.

You want to make a secure purchase when you pay that much money. A home inspector has a very long list of things he or she will walk through the house to check. The list may include the house’s foundation and basic structural integrity, insulation, windows, siding, appliances, electrical systems and much more.

Anything you can imagine, and many things you wouldn’t think of, are on that home inspector’s list to examine.

What a Home Inspector Won’t Catch Might Surprise You

Yes, a general certified home inspector will look at your roof to give you an idea of its age and the shape it’s in. However, you might be surprised by what some home inspectors won’t do when checking your roof.

There are good reasons a general inspector won’t do them, and they are equally good reasons to hire a professional roof inspector.

A Home Inspector May Not Get Up on the Roof

A general home inspector doesn’t spend his days on roofs. He won’t be carrying the proper safety equipment to go onto your roof – other than a tall ladder. He or she may have a policy of not ascending roofs to make his inspections.

There are other reasons it might not be possible. If the roof is too steep, or taller than the home inspector’s ladder can reach, he or she may opt to keep himself or herself safe. Some roofs aren’t safe to walk on without roofing safety equipment – like slate and shake covered roofs.

However, there are things you can’t see from a ladder with a pair of binoculars. This includes a cracked chimney crown or a torn storm collar. Repairs like this should be noted on your report because they could potentially influence your decision to buy the house or the price for which you will buy it.

A Professional Roof Inspector Checks for Temperature Changes

If the roof is damaged, or your inspector has reason to believe the structure isn’t sound, he’s not going to risk hurting himself or further damaging the roof by going up there. After all, the house he’s inspecting belongs to someone else before you sign the papers. Your inspector will most likely take a trip to the attic to see what it looks like from underneath.

However, he may not have specialized equipment that will allow him to determine where your roof isn’t functioning as well as it should be.

A Professional Roof Inspector Can Give You an Estimate for Repairs

One thing a general inspector absolutely can’t do is to provide you with an estimate for any needed roofing repairs that may turn up during the inspection.

A professional roof inspector can tell you what his company can do, how soon they can do it, and how much it will cost. You can go to your sellers armed with more than a vague idea of how much money any repairs will cost. This is more compelling than a general idea of cost, which is all a home inspector can give you.


Professional roofing inspections are thorough, specialized, and not very expensive. You can be sure that when you hire a professional roof inspector, you will be getting a detailed report on the roof in question. You won’t be left with any lingering questions.

In addition, you will have the peace of mind you need to move forward with buying your new home.

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