Top Roofing Tips: 7 Things to Avoid Doing to Your Roof

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Although summer vacation may be coming to a close, summer weather could be here to stay in Michigan for many more weeks. And as we enter into the end of the season with more possibility for storms and violent weather, you may be thinking about all the damage a big storm could do to your roof.

While it’s true that summer storms do sometimes damage roofs, there are ways you can damage your roof without the help of Mother Nature. All of these types of damage can be avoided. We would like to help you avoid that and save you a headache.

7 Things to Avoid Doing to Your Roof

Walk On Your Roof

I know it seems like it’s not that big of a deal, especially if your roof is low-pitched and you’re being really careful. However, the truth is that it’s never safe to walk around on your roof for whatever reason.

As a homeowner, you may not have insurance to protect you or your assets if you fall off. What happens if you are injured and miss work for a long time because you went up there? This is totally preventable. You can avoid this from happening by not going on your roof. Instead, call a professional for repairs or maintenance.

Patch a Leak Yourself

Along with the above advice, it’s a mistake to try to patch a leak in your roof yourself because it’s not safe to be up there. It’s also a mistake because you may not know what you’re doing.

It may seem like a simple fix to patch a leak. However, you could end up causing a lot more damage with a bad patch job. You could end up making the leak worse or patching the wrong spot. This is one of those things best left to trained professionals.

Attach Things to Your Roof Yourself

Sometimes homeowners don’t want the hassle and expense of having to call in a professional just to install something small. It doesn’t seem that significant anyway, right?

Any time you put holes through your roof, even if they’re just nails or screws, you are breaching the integrity of the roof. The roof’s integrity depends on its ability to stay watertight.

Let Mold & Algae Build Up

North-facing sides of roofs are notorious for mold and algae streaks. Most of the time, it’s just unsightly, but it’s not damaging to the integrity of your roof.

However, if you see it building up – or if you think you have a different problem like mildew or moss – call in a professional to see what should be done.

Pressure Wash

We always warn home and building owners about the dangers of pressure washing when we talk about mold and algae. Pressure washing your roof is never a good idea.

Why? You can wash off the protective granules on your shingles and considerably shorten the life of your roof. Not to mention that pressure washing almost always involves unacceptable risk to the homeowner.

Ignore Maintenance

Ignoring maintenance is one of the main reasons for roofs needing to be replaced before their natural lifespan is over. If you fail to maintain your roof, it will fail eventually.

Your gutters are your primary defense against water damage to your roof and the structure of your home – including the foundation of your home. If you clean your twice a year, you will go a long way toward ensuring your roof can keep you warm and dry.

Holding Off On Repairs

Are you thinking about trying to get another 2 or 3 or maybe 5 years on your old roof? We encourage you to think again.

An old and failing roof is especially vulnerable to water and ice damage. It also leaves you vulnerable to making bad choices about fixing it yourself to save money.

You could end up spending a lot more money than if you replace it now when you know it needs to be replaced.


These few simple tips about what not to do for your roof could save you time, money, and even injury.

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