How to Prepare for a Home Remodeling Project

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Whether you are having your roof or windows replaced, remodeling your kitchen or embarking on some other home remodeling project, there will still be work involved for you even if you aren’t doing the remodeling yourself.

It helps to be as prepared as you can be before workers come to your home.

Another often-overlooked aspect of home remodeling is dealing with your contractor and the workers who will be around your house while the project is going on. What should you expect from your contractor? What should you be expected to provide for the men or women working on your house?

Preparing for Your Home Remodeling Project

Even though you aren’t doing the main work, you will be expected to make sure the area being worked on is ready. Preparations could include clearing a room of furniture, putting away outdoor furniture and toys, or whatever you need to do to prepare the area beforehand.

If nothing is done before workers come, you may have a conversation with your contractor coming. If you aren’t physically capable of doing the necessary pre-work, talk to your contractor. He may be willing to add it to your job for a small extra fee.

A word about valuables: If you are nervous about leaving any valuables or delicate items lying around during your job, go ahead and put them in a safe in your house or at the bank. The last thing you want is a dispute with your contractor over something you might have misplaced.

To Stay or Leave?

Most home renovation projects can be done while you live there. It may not be comfortable. However, it’s also not something you can schedule while you take that 3-week vacation to Europe.

Roofing, siding, and window projects are minimally invasive for those on the inside. It’s good for the homeowner to be present to make decisions should the unforeseen arise. You will also see the progress in action. It only gets more important as home remodeling moves to the inside.

However, in certain circumstances, you may need to leave your house for a short time. If your roof needs emergency care in the dead of winter, for instance, it likely won’t be habitable for a day or two. Your contractor can advise you about what areas of your house will be uninhabitable during the work.

Working With Your Contractor

Contractors are paid to answer your questions and field your calls so that when things arise. It’s not up to you to have words with the men doing the job.

If your contractor is not getting back to you, he’s not doing his job right. That being said, your contractor may not always be able to answer your call or text within minutes.

A reasonable expectation is that he will answer your call or text within the day. For any emails or calls requiring documentation – if you want to change something about the job – you should expect a few days time before it can be fully resolved.

Be sure to ask your contractor about what’s expected for the men working on your house. On big projects or outdoor projects, contractors will often order a port-a-potty.

However, if you have a small indoor project, this won’t be the case. Work out with your contractor beforehand what bathroom is set aside for construction workers. You aren’t expected to provide dining space for the men, but it never hurts to ask about things like this before your project starts.


Preparing for a home remodeling project is a project in itself. You want to make sure you set the right expectations for yourself, your contractor, and everyone on the job to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

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