12 Warning Signs You Need New Windows [Homeowners Guide]

Warning signs you need new windows

Replacing your windows is one of those big expenditures every homeowner knows is coming sooner or later. It is usually one of those things we all want to avoid for as long as possible. It can be fun to pick new styles and see what kind of helpful products are on the market, but it’s also a huge investment.

And, like a new roof, it’s one you can easily take for granted because you literally see through them all the time.

Some signs that you need new windows are obvious. To make sure you know all the warning signs, here’s a handy list of reasons to consider new windows:

12 Warning Signs You Need New Windows

  1. Damaged Windows
    You might be able to repair a broken window. For newer windows or historic windows, this might be a better option. Also, if it’s minor, like the weather stripping needs to be replaced or the hardware is wonky, those are simple fixes. However, if your window sash or frame is warped or broken, it’s almost always better to replace it.
  2. Fog
    If your double-paned windows get fog in the middle, it means the airtight seal has been compromised, and it’s no longer insulating as well as it should.
  3. Single Paned – Fading Furniture
    Speaking of window panes, if you have a home built before 1970 that still has its original windows, it has single-pane windows, and those are seriously out of date. I don’t mean style-wise, although that is probably true too. I mean that we have better technology now. Your furniture, rugs, and window treatments will likely fade from the UV rays let in by single-pane windows. In addition, single-pane windows are drafty and sometimes unsafe.
  4. Sticky Windows
    If your windows are hard to open and close, it means they aren’t working well. They may be too cheap, in which case they’re never going to do the job right. Or they’re too old and need to be replaced.
  5. Refuse to Stay Open
    If you have vertically opening windows that refuse to stay open, this a serious safety hazard. It also means the same thing as windows that won’t open or close. They are too cheap or too old.
  6. Drafty
    If you can feel a cold draft in winter or if it’s much hotter by the windows in summer, they may not be providing enough insulation from the weather. Although caulking and weatherproofing can be a stop-gap measure, rest assured that quality windows will not be drafty. It’s time to get new ones.
  7. Hot or Cold To The Touch
    Similarly, if your windows are hot to the touch in summer or ice-cold in the winter, they’re not insulated enough. It’s time to replace them.
  8. Energy Bill
    If your windows are drafty and cold in winter and hot to touch in summer, they are letting out way too much of your carefully climate-controlled air. In addition, they are a drain on your pocketbook. New windows – if you buy quality – will eventually earn back what you paid in energy savings.
  9. Hard To Clean
    New models of windows are a breeze to clean. Don’t spend another year wrestling with your stubborn windows, or unsafely trying to wash them from outside, or simply not washing them at all.
  10. Replacement Parts Discontinued
    If you’ve carefully maintained the windows you have but are having a hard time getting replacement parts because they’re not being made anymore, that’s a sign you need to throw in the towel. There are better, easier options out there now.
  11. Outside Noise
    If you can hear outside noise through your closed windows, they’re not insulated enough.
  12. Renovations
    Windows can have a significant effect on the look and feel of your home. It might simply be time to switch out the old ones you have to make your home look and feel brighter and cleaner. Old windows can be a huge pain to keep clean and drag down the overall feel of your home. New windows will add instant curb appeal, sales appeal, and energy savings.


If you’re unsure whether you need new windows, hopefully, these tips will guide you in the right direction. If you live in Southeast Michigan, please call Renovations Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. today. We would be happy to help you.

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