Pros and Cons of Installing a New Bow or Bay Window

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Are you looking to add more space to your house without an addition? Do you want more light and more sitting room in your living space? Maybe it’s time to install a new bow or bay window!

The Difference Between a Bay Window and a Bow Window

Keep in mind, there is a difference between a bay window and a bow window, even though they are similar.

In fact, they are so similar that many people get them mixed up. They both have the potential to create an extra seating space, and they can both add dimension and light to your house.

A bay window, however, is three separate window panes. Usually, there is a picture window in the middle set away from the wall of the house with smaller windows on either side, angling from the wall to the picture window.

A bow window is multiple windows – four or more – that form a bow out from the main structure of the house. Usually, none of these windows is a fixed – or picture window.

Pros of a Bow or Bay Window

More Space

Both bay and bow windows create more space inside your home. There is a potential seating area for reading books or a display area for decorations.

Soft cushions and blankets can create a cozy nook, or make your window into a mini-atrium where your plants will thrive. There is also more storage potential if you create shelving or drawers underneath.

Maximized Space

A bay or bow window brings in more light and lets you see more of your yard. Who doesn’t want to be able to access all the hard work they put into their garden or landscaping?

Indoors, a bay or bow window makes a cramped room feel bigger without the investment of adding square footage.

Curb Appeal

A bow or bay window gives a considerable advantage to the outside of your house as well. If your home is flat in the front and lacking curb appeal, this will provide it with an instant boost. Bow and bay windows stand out – literally!

Cons of Bow and Bay Windows

The one big negative of installing a new bow or bay window is that if they are installed incorrectly, they can develop structural problems over time.

That can mean air and water leaking in and potential damage to the wooden elements that are used to construct the unit.

In addition, bay and bow windows cost more to install than regular windows. It is much less in cost than a room addition. However, it’s a much bigger project than a simple retro-fit new window.

Bow windows cost 10-15% more than bay windows due to the multiple windows that have to be purchased and installed.

Bringing it Home

We think the benefits of a new bow or bay window outweigh the costs! Installing one of these beauties will add more view, let in more light, create more storage and seating space inside, and give the interior and exterior of your home more dimension.

More dimension on the outside means more curb appeal!

If you are thinking about adding a bow or bay window and live in Southeast Michigan, please give us a call. We would love to talk with you about the different options and help you achieve your home goals.

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