How to Boost Your Backyard Privacy

Backyard privacy example

Want to spend more time outside in the comfort and privacy of your backyard?

Are you having trouble with the privacy aspect of your backyard oasis?

Your own piece of land, be it twenty acres of farm and forest or ten square feet of patio space in a crowded city, is the American dream.

Who doesn’t dream of reclining in the shade, reading a book, sipping an iced tea on a lazy summer weekend?

What about when Bob next door decides it’s time to garden, but he has a penchant for long stories?

Or the neighbor’s kids decide to move their noisy game of touch football a yard from where you are sitting?

Sharing the American dream can sometimes be more comfortable with a touch of added privacy. As Robert Frost said, “Good fences make good neighbors.”

Ways to Boost Your Backyard Privacy

Good Fences

Your backyard privacy can certainly be attained by a nice fence. I don’t mean the chain-link variety.

Wood comes in a wide array of styles and finishes, and it can be customized to every whim. It’s more inexpensive than other options and lasts a long time if treated right.

However, a wood fence is not every DIYer’s forte. Constructing a fence that won’t lean or wobble takes know-how about how to set a post in the ground and make everything level.

Another relatively cheap take on fencing is corrugated metal. Depending on your aim, it can look ultra-modern or down-home and can be great paired with greenery.

Backyard privacy example

Go Green

Speaking of greenery, growing your own privacy hedge is another popular way to create a quiet corner.

Hedges have been used in open land to establish boundary lines and privacy for centuries. If you choose the right plants, your fence can surround and obscure your house.

Many homeowners choose the towering arborvitae for that reason. Green walls can be extremely DIY. However, they do take quite a few years to create the privacy you crave unless you have a huge budget.

Another fast-growing option for a green fence is bamboo. It quickly grows high enough to shield you from prying eyes. Beware of where you plant bamboo. It’s invasive in its native climate.

Pergola for privacy

Take Advantage of Structures

If you don’t have the patience or the money for these large-scale solutions, why not create a room within your backyard – or even right on your deck or patio – with a trellis, screen, or pergola?

Any of these backyard structures can be customized and used as a base for climbing plants. In a relatively short amount of time, you will have your own private little outdoor room – or at least a wall of greenery for privacy.

If you can’t wait for climbing plants, the open walls of a pergola are perfect for hanging curtains. Enjoy dappled sunlight through the open roof while shielding yourself from the stories of Bob!

Are you ready to improve your backyard privacy?

Can you think of any other great ideas for improving your yard’s privacy quotient?

Hopefully, this guide has helped you envision yourself in your new yard, surrounded by walls, hedges, fences, trailing vines, curtains, or all of the above!

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