The Pergola: Popular Exterior Structure to Add Value to Your Home


Did you know that beautiful landscaping adds as much as 20% to the value of your home?

It kind of makes you want to splurge on that flowering tree or those stone pavers, doesn’t it?

It’s true; outdoor spaces are getting just as much attention as the house itself these days. When you see what a difference it can make on some of these home and garden shows to clean up your landscape, you want to do it too. 

A great way to achieve a living space that extends to the outdoors without breaking the bank is a little thing called a pergola.

A Pergo-what?

Do you know what a pergola is?

A pergola is a wooden structure that creates the illusion of a room or a living space outdoors.

It’s typically four posts arranged in four corners of a patio area, connected at the top, and with beams or joists running across the top to create an open roof.

It looks beautiful on its own, as the structure is typically built with cedar or some other material that won’t rust or rot in the outdoor weather.

However, it shines once your climbing plants have made their home up the posts and across the top.

The more your beautiful plants take over, the softer your pergola will look and the more shade you will have during the day.

Pergola closeup view

Pros and Cons of Owning a Pergola

There are very few cons to owning a pergola since it’s a relatively cheap and easy thing to build or take down.

However, one drawback may be that your pergola won’t be able to offer much real shelter from the weather, other than shade.

You can buy or create a removable roof and walls with fabric curtains if you don’t yet have climbing plants.

However, your pergola will look a bit unfinished at first. This is annoying to some people. It makes the structure seem pointless.

There are many positive aspects to building a pergola.

More Space for Plants

Remember how high-quality landscaping can add value to your home?

Pergolas are very popular right now, and they are timeless, as well.

Many young homeowners are looking for ways to grow and display plants, and a pergola is the perfect three-dimensional structure for this purpose.

Entertainment Space

If you are not the type of person to host a dinner party outside on your patio, maybe a cozy dinner under cafe lights strung on your pergola will change your mind.

Put a table and chairs underneath and pull those curtains for private, romantic dinner in your backyard.

DIY Friendly

You can certainly hire a contractor to erect the perfect pergola in your backyard. However, these structures are relatively easy for someone handy to put up.

A pergola can be made from wood, metal, or even vinyl. You can also find pre-made pergola kits that you can put together in a weekend.


A pergola can add definition and structure to your patio or yard – even if you don’t have a patio!

Is your yard feeling a little flat or bare, but you can’t spend thousands on a professional landscaper?

You can put in a pergola and plan your garden around it. It’s also versatile and works well combined with other structures, like a deck, patio, shed, or gazebo.

Bringing it Home

If you are looking for the perfect thing to add to your home exterior or garden area to add value and interest, look no further.

A pergola is beautiful, versatile, and it’s the perfect place for your plants to climb.

If you live in Southeast Michigan and would like our help with your new pergola, please give us a call. We would be honored to help!

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