Makeover that Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Trends

Bathroom remodeling

Most of us spend at least an hour a day in the bathroom when you factor in both morning and evening routines as well as several visits during the day or night. Why not enjoy the time you spend in this important little room by incorporating little luxuries, practical storage, and attractive, inviting decor?

Many homeowners are stepping outside the box when it comes to customizing their bathrooms, transforming what may have started out as a simple lavatory into a soothing, relaxing retreat where they can start and end their day in style.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Trends

Consider Storage

There are several important orders of business to incorporate when remodeling a bathroom. Sufficient storage for supplies and toiletries is essential to include when designing your new bath. It’s going to be difficult to enjoy your shiny, new bathroom if you constantly have to hike down the hall to fetch toilet paper, towels, soap and other sundries.

Not to mention the fact that a cluttered bathroom countertop is anything but attractive. However, storage doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form of a vanity. Many homeowners have chosen to use statement pieces like an antique armoire or dresser for storing spare linens.

Shelving created from reclaimed wood has also become quite popular. Working with a small space? Make sure to utilize vertical wall space wherever possible.

Make it Practical

Remodeled bathroom vanity and mirrorPracticality is perhaps the most important aspect of any bathroom. When designing a bathroom, keep in mind both the number of people who will be using the room on a regular basis as well as each visitor’s needs.

In a household with multiple children, it may be wise to include at least two sinks and perhaps a separate toilet room for privacy. In the residence of an elderly or disabled person, a no-threshold, curbless shower might make daily routines a little easier with less risk of falling.

Ease of cleaning is also something to keep in mind. Bright white grout on a tile floor may seem like a good idea until daily use leaves dirt and mildew stains with nowhere to hide. Perhaps a darker shade of grout would be a better choice.

Imagine a mirror that stretches from the top of the vanity to the ceiling. This may create the illusion of space, but it can also be a magnet for splash marks and fingerprints. A smaller, framed mirror can add both style and interest to your bathroom walls.

Luxury Bathroom Trends

Looking to add a little luxury to your daily routine? The options are endless when it comes to creating a bathroom that you will want to spend more time in including:

  • Heated tile floors
  • A waterproof, built-in TV and/or sound system
  • A towel-warming apparatus
  • A mirror that keeps you in touch with social media

These are just a few options that can help take your bathroom-using experience to the next level.

Lighting strategically placed on the underside of a cabinet just above the baseboard is both practical for nighttime visits and provides soothing ambiance for a long soak in the tub.

Architectural Details to Set Your Bathroom Apart

Finally, architectural details are the things that will set your bathroom apart and make it truly beautiful. Backsplashes are a great way to add both color and style to your sink area.

Even a narrow strip of bright, geometric tiles among a wall of plain subway tiles can add interest and tie in other hardware and fixtures. A chandelier in place of a standard bowl-style light fixture accentuates a bathroom with traditional or eclectic flare.

From molding insets, beautiful fabric window treatments, unique and unexpected hardware, this is your chance to get creative with the finishing touches and make your new bathroom a place where you can look around and truly enjoy the scenery.

Are you ready to take your bathroom from drab to dynamite?

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