7 Ways to Void Your Roof Warranty

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Roofing manufacturers offer warranties on their products, like many good manufacturing companies. They are all a little different. Some cover things others don’t. Some items are transferable, others are not. In addition, they all vary in length.

However, there are several criteria that will void most warranties for roofing material. The following conditions are what you need to be aware of.

#1: Improper Installation

You have to work with a contractor who knows the roofing material and how to install it properly. Most roofing warranties have very strict guidelines about things like how many nails per shingle, the length of the nail to use, and much more.

If the material isn’t installed correctly and there’s a problem, it’s likely to void the warranty. This can happen if you hired a disreputable company or have done it yourself.

#2: Improper Ventilation

We have recently written about proper attic ventilation and how important that is for the life of your roof. Air gets pulled from intake vents in the lower part of the roof and let out at the higher parts of the roof.

Improper ventilation results in too high of a moisture content in and around your roof. This causes the material to break down faster and damage to the rest of the structure.

#3: Hot Roofs

A hot roof is caused by improper ventilation. If roof sheathing is coated with spray foam insulation it can cause the shingle temperature to rise and cause it to fade in color and have a shorter lifespan.

If you are making your attic space into livable space, you may need to use spray foam. But check with the manufacturer first to find out if it will void the warranty on your roof. You also need to check with your city to make sure there are no restrictions on hot roofing before using spray foam insulation.

#4: Installing a Roof Over Old Roofing Material

In most cases, if not all, if you install a new roof on top of your old roof, it will void the warranty. For many reasons, we don’t recommend this and encourage you to be suspect of any company that wants to do it to cut costs.

The second layer of shingles will expand its heat more slowly, shortening its lifespan and the new shingles may stick to the old ones. This causes bulges which are weak places in the roof and can cause it to wear unevenly.

#5: Pressure Washing

While having moss on your roof can damage it eventually because it traps moisture against the surface of the roof, pressure washing can damage your roof much more quickly. Moss can cause damage because of increased frost being formed on your roof and cracking of the granules.

Pressure washing is not only dangerous for homeowners – and we don’t recommend it – but it can take off granules. Shingles are not designed to withstand a pressure wash. If you are having problems with moss, call a pro to install metallic zinc strips to your roof’s peak. The water runoff from rain will kill the moss without hurting your roof.

#6: Antennas and Satellite Dishes

While not all manufacturing companies will void the entire warranty if you install an antenna or dish, some of them will void the part about leaking. You are drilling holes in your roof in order to install one of these. It’s just never a good idea to drill a hole in your roof. You are just asking for leaks.

#7: Skylights and Solar Panels

One thing you can do is check with your roofer and ask them to work with the contractor if you plan to add skylights or solar panels. If your contractor and roofer are the same for this job it is even better.

A skylight or solar panel contractor might offer a warranty that covers that part of your roof. However, always a good idea to check with your roofer to make sure. If you want something about your roof changed, just make sure you have the original roofer to restore it after the work is done.

Roof Warranty – Takeaway

If you can at all avoid doing some of these things to your roof, you have a good chance of keeping your roof warranty intact should the material fail.

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