Top Kitchen Renovation Trends You Might Regret

Kitchen renovation trends

Do you have dated kitchen cabinets, old appliances, and worn flooring? Does your kitchen’s lighting make it resemble a cave? Is it small and cramped, with room for only one person? These are all great reasons to consider a kitchen renovation.

What you’ve heard is true: kitchens do sell houses.

Think about your dream kitchen. If it makes the hardest-working room in the house the most pleasant place to be, it’s likely to make a future buyer feel the same.

The trouble is in how expensive a kitchen renovation is. The average cost is about $150 per square foot. Depending on how big your kitchen is, among other factors, you could spend more than $30,000 on an updated kitchen. It could be well worth the cost!

Timeless Choices Are Best

However, you would be well-advised to choose something timeless rather than following kitchen trends. The most expensive room in the house can become an eyesore in ten years that will turn off a buyer who doesn’t want to shell out the bucks to replace it.

Kitchen Renovation Trends on The Way Out

Here are some of the top kitchen trends of today that are on their way out:

Unusual Cabinet Finishes

People will always love wood cabinets. They will always love white cabinets.

However, will anyone want your navy-blue cabinets in ten years? Or the distressed shabby chic look? How about two-toned cabinets, or bright blue or red cabinets?

All of these things have been right on trend at some point in design magazines and online, but how well will they age?

Open Shelving

Speaking of cabinets, what will happen if you take them down? Yes, it opens up your kitchen. Yes, it’s popular on Instagram.

But is the average person going to be committed to the perfection this design scheme demands? For that matter, are you as committed to neatness as you think?

Not having upper cabinets can look like a hassle for homebuyers down the road. It might also become a bigger daily chore than you want to admit right now.

Overly Styled Everything

While we’re talking about open shelves, let’s take a minute to address this Farmhouse style phenomenon.

Clean lines and black and white are great as far as they go, but the farther you take any style, the sooner that kitchen is going to be dated.

The same goes for the French Country style of a few years ago. Those busy kitchens full of pattern look like a nightmare for buyers today.

The best thing you can do is choose finishes that have always been in style and create the look you want with accessories.

Farmhouse Sinks

I’ll say one last thing about Farmhouse style. You might not believe it, but these sinks are on their way out. They are labor-intensive to put in – often requiring cabinetry to be retro-fit.

In addition, homeowners find them to be less versatile than their stainless-steel counterparts. You are never going to go wrong with a classic stainless sink.

Busy Tile

Who doesn’t love tile? It’s beautiful! It comes in so many shapes, patterns, and colors.

It’s also not cheap, and it takes skill and time to install. Imagine when your custom tile design goes out of fashion! What then?

Your options are very limited. You can’t go wrong with a white or solid neutral color tile that coordinates with your other finishes. This is where a professional designer can save the day. He or she will keep you from choosing the charcoal grout.

Backsplash Problems

If you don’t have the budget to install adequate tile, leave it off. By this, I mean that tiny backsplash behind the stove or on one wall of your kitchen.

A tile backsplash should extend from your countertop to your cabinets all the way around your kitchen. Less than that will look inadequate and unprofessional.

Bold Appliances

Remember walking into your grandma’s kitchen with the avocado or rust-colored refrigerator and stove?

Bold colored appliances have had their day, and they are making a comeback. Except now, you can find them in bright blues, forest green, pink, red, you-name-it!

They are on their way out, for obvious reasons. They are difficult to replace or else your kitchen won’t match. Plus, it’s a bold choice not everyone is going to love.

Man-made Stone

Quartz has been all the rage in countertops for quite a few years now. Opinions on this differ, so I’ll say this: if natural stone breaks or gets messed up in some way, it can be fixed. Not so for quartz or other man-made stone. Once it’s ruined, it will stay ruined.

Honorable mentions

Here are another few kitchen trends that aren’t getting the love anymore:

  • Appliance Garages
  • Overhead Pot Racks
  • Over the Range Microwaves
  • Kitchen Desks or Command Centers

Bringing it Home

We hope this helps you as you think through your new kitchen renovation. Do you live in Southeast Michigan? If you have any questions about this or any other home renovation, we would be honored to help.

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