Top 3 Crucial Tips Before Starting Your Home Renovation

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Now is the moment. You have been waiting to start fixing the areas of your house that have been bugging you the most. You have saved up the money, made room in your budget for the payments, and you know exactly what home renovation you want to do.


Too often, the happiness of any home renovation is killed too quickly when the unforeseen pops up, or when you find out what you want is too expensive. Or, you only thought you knew what you wanted, but the reality of your home renovation has changed everything.

There is good news! You can avoid some of these problems by knowing what you are in for and how to spot the warning signs. Read on to find out how.

Before Starting Your Home Renovation

1. Get a Dose of Realism

Before you dream big dreams (even if it seems like it’s too late), you need to get a realistic picture of the costs, both for materials and labor.

This means you need to make an appointment with a contractor and show him what you want to do.

Reality and home improvement shows can’t give you an accurate cost because costs are always fluctuating. Your task will be to find a balance between what you hope to achieve and what you can afford.

Along those lines, some tough questions might be in order.

  • How much of this project is what you need and how much is something you want?
  • What can you settle on for now and change later, and what is essential?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you will have a clear picture of what you want to be done, when, and in what order. Make sure you have an agreement with your contractor about a realistic budget.

2. Have a Clear Vision

Do you have all of your major decisions in place? Have you picked your tiles, your paint colors, appliances, fixtures, and everything else?

Once the work gets started, these decisions will come fast. It is best to have most of these things chosen before the work begins. That is why the first step above is so important.

We also recommend that you get clear on which items you are going to splurge on and which items are less important.

One way to think about it is this: which things are you going to use all the time? Save your money for those and choose budget-friendly options for cosmetic items if you have to. You can always change those later.

3. Get a Sense of What Needs Work

Yes, you probably already know what’s “wrong” with the areas you want to remodel. However, you can cut down on surprises by getting a good inspection.

If the condition of your house needs updating – if you blow a fuse every time you dry your hair – the budget and scope of work might have to change accordingly. Sometimes, adding an outlet to one room can mean rewiring the whole house.

Bonus Tips:

  • Find a contractor with whom you personally connect.
  • Stop watching those home renovation shows.
  • Don’t assume it will be cheaper to do some part of the work yourself.
  • Get ready to camp in your own house.
  • Have a positive attitude. It really helps. Don’t rush to lay blame, and find out how to fix it if it goes wrong.

Bringing it Home

Home renovations aren’t as easy, simple, or cheap as they look on TV. If they were, everyone would do one themselves.

However, with careful planning and realistically laying out your budget, you should be able to achieve the change you have hoped for.

Finally, if you live in Southeast Michigan and are interested in getting more information on how we can help with your home renovation, contact us today. We would be honored to help!

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