3 Strategies to Extend the Life of Shingle Roofs

Strategies to Extend the Life of Shingle Roofs

When it comes to choosing roofing material in the Midwest, most people will end up choosing asphalt shingles. Not only are they widely used, they work well for the climate. In addition, most construction companies and roofing companies have a lot of experience with this material.

Asphalt shingles come in many colors. Dark colors work well for a region with 133 days below freezing on average per year. Dark colors also absorb sunlight and transmit heat down into the structure. This can be extremely beneficial to your energy bills.

The other reason asphalt shingles are chosen is their cost. When you are a home or business owner looking at replacing an entire roof, you are usually looking at keeping it sound for the next 25-30 years, not for the next 100 years.

Most homeowners don’t want to pay for a material that will outlast them if they have a choice. Asphalt shingles are the most economical choice out there.

So how do you keep your asphalt shingle roof in good working order for as long as possible? There are three strategies proven to extend the life of your shingle roof.

Strategies to Extend the Life of Shingle Roofs

Annual Inspections

You may balk at paying every year for something that’s working just fine the way it is. Or you may think “I can go up there and look at it myself for free.” Just consider these few things.

  • Inspectors have a high degree of expertise when it comes to shingle roofs. They can usually tell very easily if something is about to go wrong with your roof using clues you might miss. You may have never seen your own roof close up. That’s what your roofing company is here for. In addition, we highly recommend that you don’t try climbing onto your roof due to safety concerns.
  • Your roof may be easy to overlook. However, even a little bit of damage can make your roof deteriorate quickly if you leave it alone for too long. An annual inspection is a good way to catch problems quickly before they end up costing you a bundle you didn’t bargain for.


Of course, what goes along with an annual inspection is routine maintenance. Your inspection will turn up anything wrong with the shingles, weak spots, roof structure or anything else that needs to be replaced.

Other maintenance you can do yourself includes cleaning your gutters at least twice annually and trimming any overhanging branches from neighboring trees to prevent scraping or debris.

Prompt Repairs

Maybe this goes without saying, but we have found that people put off repairing their roof. Where there is a way for water to get in, water will get in, and cause damage. Any missing or broken shingles or cracks should be repaired right away.

Same thing for holes in your soffits, warped flashing or damaged rain gutters. It’s all meant to work together. If one part of the system isn’t working, the whole roof is compromised.

Take Away

Keeping your asphalt roof in good shape is as easy as an annual inspection, routine maintenance, and prompt repairs. Do these three things and your roof can last much longer.

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