Roofing Warranties: What Kinds of Warranties Are Out There?

Roofing warranties

Your new roof is a substantial investment that generally involves thousands of your hard-earned dollars. Depending what type of roof you will be having installed, it could last 25, 30, 40 years, or more.

Naturally, when you’re looking into the process of replacing your roof, you want to get the best value you can get, for the right price, and you want to be able to get something fixed right away if it goes wrong after the installation.

As with any significant investment of money, knowing what your warranty covers in advance could save you thousands if problems arise with your new roof.

What kind of warranties are there for a new roof? How long do they last?

Roofing Warranties

Every new roof installation or replacement should automatically give you two warranties. If the company you’re hiring doesn’t want to offer one of these warranties, you need to turn and run the other way fast.

Manufacturer Warranty

A manufacturer warranty is very simple. Roofing materials usually have a 25-30 year or lifetime warranty that goes with it. You buy it, you get the warranty.

The lifetime warranty guarantees coverage against defects in the product as long as the original individual owner of a single family detached residence (or the second owner in some circumstances) own the property where the material is installed.

If the owners or the structures don’t meet the criteria, lifetime coverage is not applicable. This ensures comprehensive coverage if your roof fails because of product failure or defect.

However…most roofs, if they fail, do not fail because of a defect in the roofing materials. They fail because of improper installation or some other incorrect use or maintenance problem.

This kind of warranty often will only cover the defective materials themselves, not the cost of installation or any costs incurred while the roof was faulty. It’s really in your best interest to use better products because of this.

Workmanship Warranties

You should always do everything in your power to hire the right roofing company. Make sure it is reputable – read the reviews, take note of how many years they have in the industry, and get word of mouth testimony about the companies you’re interested in hiring.

Because there is no industry standard for a workmanship warranty like there is with product warranties, getting the best company will make your money work where it should work. Workmanship warranties cover any costs incurred in the failure of your roof due to improper installation.

  • They typically last 1-5 years, however, they can last longer. The important part is that in your contract the length of the workmanship warranty is clearly defined. You need to read your contract through to make sure it is.
  • It should also be very clearly stated what the scope of your workmanship warranty is and if the manufacturer stands behind it or not. Which services performed are covered? Installation and replacement? What about leaks? What does coverage mean? Additionally, what does damage mean? Is damage caused to your home if your roof fails covered? What’s the ceiling of the cost in the event of damage? How much, in other words, will it cover if a lot of damage is done to your home?

Take Away

If you’re in the process of thinking about replacing your roof, take a moment to look carefully at the roofing warranties provided by the manufacturer and the contractor you are considering.

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