5 Things to Avoid Doing (and to definitely do) When Making Decisions About Your Roof

5 Things to Avoid Doing When Making Decisions About Your Roof

Depending on your roofing material and, of course, the installation, your roof could and should last for a long time. You may not need to even consider replacing it, but if and when you do, there are a few things not do to and definitely do. Roof replacement can be a significant investment. We want you to be informed and make the best decisions when it comes time.

Here are a five Dos and Don’ts when making decisions about your roof:

  1. Don’t: do it yourself
    You may have come to the conclusion that you should replace your own roof. Most homeowners are not pros with a bunch of pro friends with nothing better to do. You want a roof that works, which means no leaking. There’s no guarantee that a roofing company is going to do a perfect job every time, but actually, there is a guarantee!

    Roofing companies should offer a warranty on the work, and if you end up with a problem leak, that’s something you don’t want to handle yourself. Nothing is worse than having to re-do your own work after rooting around to find that leak! Pros know building codes, can acquire permits, and make sure your roof is installed correctly. This is all part of the process – not a headache you have to solve yourself.

  2. Do: Find a contractor that has been around at least 10 years
    Too many homeowners are too reliant on their first bid for a roofing job. This is not just about hunting for the best price. You need to educate yourself and meet the people who will be in charge. This is a big job. You are handing over a lot of your hard-earned money. Get a few bids and talk to friends about the company they recommend.

    In addition, make sure you get a company that is licensed, insured, and bonded in your area to make sure you are not liable if something does go wrong. If a company doesn’t come in at the lowest price, rest assured there is a good reason for that: expertise and insurance are worth a few more dollars up front to avoid dangerous mistakes and repair costs ahead.

  3. Don’t: Trust a contractor who wants to proceed without a contract or asks for a large down payment
    If you don’t have a contract before works begins, you won’t have protection in the event of a dispute over work, you won’t have a written record of work to be completed, and a timeline for completion.

    You also won’t have a written record of the cost for the project. It will only protect you, the homeowner, if you wait and hammer out all the details and sign a contract. Spend the time reading it before you sign and make sure everything it says is what you agreed to. Any reputable contractor should be able to complete your job with no or little deposit, with the exception of special order materials.

  4. Do: purchase the right products
    You might have some products in mind. That’s great. Discuss your likes and dislikes with your roofing company before you go forward. It might be best to trust their guidance before installation.

    For example, flush mounted skylights aren’t great for areas with lots of rain, regardless of how great they look. Additionally, the most costly materials don’t always guarantee the best results. A professional roofing contractor can help you keep from overspending on materials.

  5. Don’t: delay maintenance
    I will say it again: regular maintenance will keep your roof working for a long time. Irregular or no maintenance will shorten its lifespan. Even if you’re not looking to replace your roof right now, hire a professional roofing company to inspect and maintain it.


When it comes to decisions about your roof, there are critical dos and don’ts from finding the right roofing contractor to not delaying maintenance. If you are ready to take the next step and have your roof replaced, please contact us today. We’re here whenever you need us.

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