Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Roof Replacement

Roofing being removed - depciting how to preapre for roof replacement

The warm weather is finally returning here in Michigan. That means you can go ahead with those plans to replace your roof!

Now that the danger of snow has passed, replacing your roof should be straightforward and shouldn’t take more than two or three days. However, it is an intense few days as roofers are tearing, throwing, hauling, and then laying and nailing. Your home will become a temporary work zone better suited for men in hard hats than for kids and pets.

Even though we strive to make your home roof replacement as quick and as hazard-free as possible, there are preparations you can make on your end to make things go smoothly for your family, or even just yourself.

How to Prepare for Your Home’s Roof Replacement

Think Ahead

If you have a working satellite installed on your roof, the time to take care of it is now before your crew comes to replace your roof. Call your cable provider to remove it in advance. If you have an old, non-working satellite dish installed, your roofing company should be able to remove and dispose of it for you.

You should also take this opportunity to prune tree branches that hang too low over your roof. In addition, cut the grass right before work is scheduled to begin. Your contractor will use drop cloths to protect your landscaping, but cutting the grass will ensure a safer area in which to work.

Additionally, talking to your neighbors about planned work and when it will occur is very likely to go a long way toward having a good relationship with them. No one likes having to hear construction work all day, but they will like it even less if it starts out of the blue. You can take the opportunity to assure them how quickly the work will go.

Protect Your Property

You will need to remove patio items like chairs, tables, and grills to a corner of the yard or to a storage area before work begins. If the items are not under shelter, cover it with a drop cloth and put it where it won’t be in the way.

The same goes for items in storage in your attic and garage. Make sure your garage doors are closed and your attic items are covered to avoid having them covered with dust and debris.

You may want to take valuables down from the walls on the floor directly under your roof. Sometimes heavy work will shake the walls in your house, causing things to fall. Better to be safe than sorry with that large, framed painting.

Now is the time to find a new temporary spot for your cars unless they can all fit in your garage with the doors closed. For one thing, you want them safe from dust and debris. For another, it is best to leave a spot for the contractor to come and go quickly from your job site. As he will most likely be managing several jobs at once, having a space for him will enable him to keep a better eye on your job.

Kids and Pets

Last but not least: talk to your kids about the job beforehand. Let them know that it will be noisy and disruptive but that it will be over in a few days. Better yet, if you have a napping baby or a very nervous pet, find a friend or a family member who won’t mind taking you in for a few days while work is being done.

It is very important that kids know: no matter how fascinating the work is, it’s too dangerous for them to come near and watch. Workers will need the freedom to work quickly. This means throwing things to the ground frequently. It’s just not a safe place for kids or pets.


Renovations Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. is dedicated to getting your new roof installed smoothly, professionally, and in a timely manner. With a few adjustments on your end, you should be free to get on with your summer with your new roof in just a matter of days.

If you live in Southeast Michigan, please give us a call. We would be honored to help with your home’s roof replacement.

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