Top 5 Unavoidable Home Repairs to Leave to Professionals

Unavoidable Home Repairs to Leave to Professionals

There is a growing trend of DIY (Do It Yourself) home remodelers these days. With the popularity of HGTV and Rehab Addict, homeowners are starting to think they should save money and do their own construction work.

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course, until there is. Your DIY project may take on more charm than accuracy if you aren’t very skilled. In some cases, doing it yourself could turn disastrous.

Home Repairs to Leave to Professionals

Here are the top 5 home repairs you should never DIY and leave to the professionals – no matter how easy they make it look on TV.

Electrical Wiring Repairs

Most people won’t even try rewiring anything. However, for the few who want to do this themselves your only options are minor repairs: changing a light switch or installing a new pendant lamp.

This is only safe if you turn off all your electricity beforehand. Investing in a voltmeter will enable you to tell if there is power going to your wires before you touch or connect anything.

Most other fixes you will face with electrical wiring requires a permit. This means you would have to be a professional electrician to handle the job anyway. Extending circuits or replacing them is dangerous business. One wrong move and you could seriously injure yourself or potentially cause a fire.

In addition, if you update your wiring in any way that isn’t up to code, it has the potential to cause some problems if you ever want to sell your home. For all of these very good reasons, electrical wiring is a job only professionals should do.

Roofing Repairs

The number 2 on the list of things that could end up disastrous would be anything having to do with your roof. We highly recommend that homeowners never go on their roofs due to safety concerns.

You are much more likely to get injured than someone who has experience. It isn’t that replacing a shingle is difficult, but maneuvering on top of a roof is tricky and it can quickly become tiring.

This is a dangerous combination. If you need help, call a professional.

Gas Appliance Repair

Our third most dangerous thing to avoid is doing gas appliance repair. In fact, anything involving a gas line is potentially dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills 400 people per year.

If you have a gas line that needs to be shut off, removed and then reattached, it’s best to call a professional to avoid a potentially lethal gas leak. You are far better off being safe than sorry.

Plumbing Repairs

This one isn’t as dangerous to your life as the others but has enormous potential for home destruction. Water can, and will, find a crack wherever one exists. Sooner or later, a small leak can turn into a big disaster.

Additionally, proper plumbing requires a permit. If you want to retain the value and integrity of your home, call a professional plumber if you need it.


Our 5th most potentially dangerous repair is actually not a repair. Asbestos or mold abatement is serious business. It may not kill you now, but if you come into contact with these deadly substances, it could lead to health complications later in your life.

If you suspect you have either asbestos or mold to remove from your home, get a professional company in to take a look right away. Put up with the inconvenience of having your house blocked off and getting it removed. It could literally save your life!


While many DIY projects are within the realm of those with little experience around power tools, these five things are unavoidably the job of a trained professional. While we hope you don’t need these kinds of home repairs unexpectedly, please, call us if you do. We’ll make it as painless as possible.

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