5 Home Renovations to do When You Replace Your Roof

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A new year means planning for a lot of us. We look forward to doing what we’ve been saving up for and for a lot of us, putting money into our homes will bring us many intangible rewards like more comfort and security.

If you’ve ever lived through a home renovation, or had a new home built, you know that it pays to do everything you want to do at once instead of living in a constant state of mess and dust for years.

With home prices rising for the first time in years, it’s going to be a smart investment to invest that hard-earned money on home renovations rather than take a risk – and go through the bother of moving – in order to find what you need. You will have the added bonus of adding value to your house that will benefit you if and when you do sell your house down the road.

Home Renovations to Think About Doing

Here are 5 renovations to think about doing at the same time as replacing your roof:

  1. Attic Insulation
    The return on investment for replacing your roof as the only renovation you do is pretty high. According to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value report, you are looking at just over a 61% cost-recouped on your investment for the East North Central Region, compared to a 68% return average nationwide.

    If you are adding, replacing or beefing up your attic insulation – which is this year’s biggest return on investment at a 107% average return nationwide – you may have the winning combination. This is an especially good idea if you’ve had any problems with leaks or if your roof is clear of snow in snowy conditions – which points to a need you already have for better attic insulation.

    If you do these two jobs in conjunction with each other, it will give your crew a chance to check for leaks and proper air flow in the your attic and roof deck, to inspect your roof decking to make sure it’s still sound, and to make sure none of your existing insulation contains asbestos (which could be a problem if it’s been there since before 1990).

    Added or replaced insulation will keep your house warmer and put money back in your bank account in energy savings. In addition, if you end up selling your house, you are looking for a great return on your investment.

  2. Attic Bedroom
    According to a Time Money article, adding an attic bedroom is a great way to make more space in your home without having to bump out into your yard for more square footage. It’s good to take into consideration that you’ll need a full-size stairway for main access and an emergency exit, plus at least 50% of your space has to be at least 7 feet high, by code, which could mean changing your roofline or adding a few feet to your existing walls.

    As you can see, that all means that the roof comes off and if the roof comes off, it’s a perfect time if you already need to replace it. A master suite addition offers an almost 50% return on investment in this area – and 60% nationwide.

    Keep in mind that you are also replacing the roof, adding attic insulation, and square footage to your home. Additionally, if you’re doing it for your own comfort, you can’t put a strict percentage on that value.

  3. Bedroom Addition
    Another popular renovation is adding a bedroom. It’s a good choice because bedrooms don’t require plumbing, and they increase your square footage and bedroom numbers – both of which are great returns on investment and add to your home’s comfort.

    New bedrooms or structures added to your home -whether a bedroom or family room – require extra working or even reworking of your existing roofline.

  4. Two Story Addition
    I don’t need to outline why you would need a new roof if you added a second story. This is one of those renovations great for families who need a lot more space on a smaller lot where everything else is great: parks, school districts, town, and neighbors.

    Adding a second story can increase the resale value, but the value of getting to stay in the place you love in a house that fits your family is priceless. The perks of this type of renovation are that you can choose the style in a similar way to building a new home from the ground up – including possibly a new roofline.

  5. New SidingHome renovations: siding and roof
    From a design standpoint, putting a new “envelope” around your home is smart to do all at once. The styles and colors of roofing tiles change a lot over a 25 year period – which is the average lifetime of a roof – and if you’re already planning that, why not update the rest of your exterior too?

    Replacing siding scored a 76.4% cost-recouped value as reported by the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value report. In addition, adding manufactured stone veneer is one of the best ways to add value to your home at 89.4% nationally.

Take Away

To add value and group all your needed renovations into one, think about how you can make replacing your roof into an opportunity for much more. You will thank yourself later for the new space, energy savings or comfort level you’ve gained.

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