Top 3 Considerations for Hiring a Commercial Contractor

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When it comes time to hire a commercial contractor for your business or company, it’s essential that you take the time to weigh your options and to gather all information you can about the contractors from whom you hope to choose.

The final decision impacts not only your business and your finances but your employees and the experience of your everyday life while the project is under construction.

The right commercial contractor will set the tone of your project.

Unfortunately, the wrong contractor will too. However, not in a good way.

We believe you can find out what you need to know by answering three main questions to your satisfaction before you hire your commercial contractor:

What is the Commercial Contractor’s Experience?

The level of the commercial contractor’s experience and how many years experience the company has may be the number one factor helping you to determine if it’s the right fit for your project.

You want to determine if the company has experience with your type of project and how long they have been doing business.

You can ask about and research their past projects and clients. A reputable company has nothing to hide. They will be proud to show you pictures and give references from previous projects. Things to investigate include:

  • Are their former clients happy?
  • Can you read a testimonial or talk to one of their clients?

Additional questions to ask:

  • What industries does this company serve?
  • Does it have a broad range of experience with different types of jobs or does it fit into a niche in the market?

Neither of the answers to the previous two questions is right or wrong. However, the answers will help guide you in making a decision.

How Does This Commercial Contractor Communicate?

Good communication is one of the key components to completing a commercial construction job on time, on budget, and the right way. It should not be difficult to get information from the company you want to hire.

The company should be able to provide you with detailed information. They should be communicating with you consistently. In addition, you should be able to receive communication from them efficiently throughout the project.

You should also be able to establish with any reputable company who your primary contact will be throughout the project. They should be able to meet your communication needs as you specify.

A good question to ask their references is whether this company responded to their questions in a timely fashion. Ask if they were easily accessible for communication.

Additionally, the financial information they give you should cover all costs, or they need to be very clear about what is not included and why.

There should be no surprises in the middle or at the end of a project.

What are Their Safety and Insurance Practices?

You may not realize it, but safety is more critical to your ongoing project than either cost or communication.

A company’s safety practices have the potential to impact your business and your employees negatively if this aspect of the project isn’t well-planned.

  • Safety practices: What are this company’s safety practices?
  • Employee’s safety: What do they do every day to ensure their employee’s safety?
  • Safeguards: What kinds of safeguards do they put in place to make sure your employees are safe during the project?
  • Insurance: What type of insurance do they carry?
  • Do they have general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance coverage?

If this company doesn’t have these basics, you will be liable for any injury or damage that happens while the company is working on your project.


You may get many bids on your commercial contractor for your construction project. To make sure you weed out the bad apples, ask these three main questions. Make sure each question is answered to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions about commercial roofing or a construction project, and your business is located in Southeast Michigan, please give us a call. We would be honored to help.

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