Backyard Swimming Pool: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Backyard swimming pool

Some people dream of having a backyard swimming pool. I know of some children who would love nothing more than to walk out their back door and jump into their pool every day of the summer.

Unless you live in a tropical or desert climate where every other house on the block has a pool, it’s something that sets you apart from your friends and neighbors. A pool can tend to make your home the gathering spot.

There are some of the biggest pluses when you are thinking of breaking ground on a new backyard swimming pool. Who doesn’t want to be the envy of the neighbors?

However, to the uninitiated, having a pool might seem deceptively easy. Are there hidden costs, hassles, dangers, or perks involved? What’s the bottom line? Read on to find out more.

Unseen Perks of Having a Backyard Swimming Pool

Aside from being the hub of activity in the summer months, there are a few good things a pool can do you for you.

Added Value to Your House

While opinions on added value are divided, and some buyers will be turned off by a backyard pool, the addition of a pool does add value to your house.

The actual added value depends on many factors including if you live in a warm climate and if the majority of your neighbors have pools. Hiring a home appraiser to determine your housing market’s added value will help. You are not going to recover your costs, but that’s not why you had a pool installed.

Positive Family Impact

Today’s families are busier and more trapped indoors than ever. You might have time to drag the kids to the beach once or twice in the summer, but your pool can provide an opportunity for positive family bonding every day.

A pool will encourage your kids to be active and to be outdoors. The shared experience can work wonders for extended families, friends, and neighbors as well.

Staycation Potential

With a relaxing retreat in your backyard, you may find yourself wishing for a getaway less often. Since the economic recession of recent years, staying home for vacation has become more popular. A pool can facilitate a fun family staycation.

Downsides to Owning a Backyard Swimming Pool

You probably know why you want to own a pool. With all of the lakes in Michigan, it can be hard to justify the expense. There are some downsides you will want to consider before you make such a large purchase.


You will hear pool owners say this over and over: owning a pool is expensive. It’s true. Everything about a pool is costly, not just the cost of construction.

Once you build and fill your pool, you will have to pay to maintain it, fix it, run it, heat it, insure it, and make it safe.

A swimming pool is not an investment you should make on a whim. If you don’t maintain it, it becomes even more of a hazard, and no buyer wants to see an old, broken pool that takes up their precious backyard space.

Once you have a pool, you have an ongoing project for the rest of the time you own it.

Potential Disease and Pest Magnet

Water attracts mosquitoes, bugs, and other wildlife. Water born illnesses that come from infected animals getting into your pool are things you don’t want to mess with because they can make your family seriously sick.

Proper cleaning, covering, and fencing can cut down on many of these problems, but it all comes at a cost.

Potentially Hazardous

Anyone who has cared for a small child near water will understand the specter of accidental drowning.

This is not to say that it will happen to you. However, it does mean you have to be extra careful, and that means top dollar on safety locks and covers. It also means an additional insurance policy that will protect you in case of any accidents.

Bottom Line

Pools are fun, and they are a luxury that will make you popular with many friends and family members. They are also expensive to build, maintain, and insure.

The bottom line is, having a backyard pool isn’t for everyone. If you have considered the expenses and the safety aspect of having a pool, then you can make an informed decision.

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