Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home’s Exterior

Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home's Exterior

Homeowners always want to know, and rightfully so, what things they can do to improve the value of their homes. There are certain things you do for your home exterior for yourself, and there are things you do to make sure you can sell the house again.

Then there are the things you have to do as routine maintenance. These things don’t add value to the home. However, they do have to be done to ensure your home works the way it’s supposed to work.

Roofing is one of those routine maintenance steps that no homeowner wants to mess with. If you are thinking of selling your house this year, it’s true that a new roof will not add value in terms of driving up the price for which you can sell it.

However, most new homeowners don’t want to mess with having the roof replaced if it needs it. Replacing the roof will widen your pool of potential buyers.

Exterior Fixes To Add Value to Your Home

Replace Your Front Door

Replacing your front door is a surprisingly big return on investment – over 100%. This is a relatively cheap fix that you can do yourself and save a bunch of money. Not only that, but it increases energy efficiency and security all at once. You can save up to 10% on energy costs by buying the right door and windows.

Update Your Windows

Updating your windows could also buy you some bucks in energy savings, especially if you’re switching from old, aluminum frames to energy efficient double-paned windows. This increases the value of your home from a sales standpoint. New windows instantly improve the look and feel of your home and buyers know they will be saving on energy bills.

Add or Repair Fences

 Adding or repairing fences – especially privacy fences – make a huge difference in resale value. Wood or stone fences, 4 to 9 feet high, provide the best return on investment.

Paint or Resurface Your Home’s Exterior

Painting or resurfacing your home’s exterior with siding can make a big impact and add value. An updated home exterior can help in several ways.

  • First, crumbling brick or peeling paint always needs to be addressed from an integrity standpoint. Resurfacing can help to shore up an exterior that will deteriorate further if left alone.
  • Secondly, a fresh coat of paint, a powerwash or new siding will help your house shine and give you a leg up in resale value because most people look at homes online first, so first impressions are very important.
  • Another way to update your house’s exterior without painting or resurfacing is by updating the soffits and fascia of your roofline. Most people don’t feel confident about choosing colors, and they don’t want to stand out in a bad way in their neighborhood, so they choose white.

However, the truth is that adding color and texture to the outside of your house is almost guaranteed to make it stand out in a good way and improve its resale value.


If you want to add value to your home but don’t know where to start, the exterior is the best place to put your money. Not only do buyers look at the outside first before coming to take a look inside, but these exterior fixes can actually save you money either on energy bills or maintenance issues down the road.

As always, we would be honored to answer any questions you might have about any of these fixes.

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