How to Choose the Right Roofing Materials

How to Choose the Right Roofing Materials

A Roof is a Roof is a Roof? Maybe not…

Perhaps a severe storm passed through your area recently and left your roof damaged beyond repair. Maybe you are in the process of building a new home, and choosing a type of roof is just one of many decisions you will make during the building process.

Or it’s possible that due to time, sun exposure, and many years of faithfully keeping you and your loved ones safe and dry, your roof has finally begun to wear out. Whatever the reason, once you’ve made the decision to put a new roof on your home, the next decision will be regarding what type of material the roof should consist of.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to roofing materials. As with anything else, the materials range widely in cost as do the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Common Roofing Materials

  • Asphalt Roofs
    Asphalt roof
    Asphalt roof

    Asphalt (also referred to as ‘composite’ shingles) are the most commonly used roofing material in the United States. Composed of easily obtainable fiberglass mat coated with asphalt and mineral granules, composite shingles are also the most economical choice.

    A roofing company can install an asphalt roof and the shingles are easily to replace. This type of roof typically lasts between twenty and twenty-five years.

  • Wood Shake Shingles
    Wood shake shingles
    Wood shake shingles

    Wood shake shingles is another option to consider for your roof. An attractive, yet more costly, alternative to asphalt, wood shake shingles can last as long as fifty years with proper maintenance.

    The wood shingles, typically constructed of cedar, fade to a warm shade of gray with weathering.

  • Metal Roofs
    Metal roof
    Metal roof

    Metal roofs are slowly gaining popularity because of their environmentally friendly attributes. Metal is both durable, recyclable, and its reflective properties could potentially cut heating costs as well.

    Durability is another advantage. A metal roof can last up to seventy-five years. However, the cost of metal roofing materials and the skill required to install it can be a deterrent.

  • Slate Roofs
    Slate roof
    Slate roof

    Slate is a very elegant and distinctive material to use in constructing a roof. Certainly one of the more costly options, a slate roof far surpasses other roofing materials when it comes to both durability and longevity.

    A properly installed slate roof can last over one-hundred years.

  • Synthetic Roofing
    Synthetic roof
    Synthetic roof

    Synthetic roofing products are a new alternative for those who like the look of wood or slate, but cannot use them due to cost or for other reasons that would render those materials unsuitable for their specific location and/or type of home.

    Though a synthetic roof offers the look of more expensive natural materials, these products have not been on the market long enough to provide reliable information regarding durability.

When selecting materials for your new roof, it is imperative to consider other factors such as the slope of your roof and the climate in which you live. For example, there may be laws in areas of the Northwest that prohibit wood shake unless the material is treated with a fire retardant. Building codes in your area might limit your options to materials that will blend in with the surroundings.

How to Select the Best Roof for Your Home

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  1. I appreciate your tip on checking with any restrictions or factors that would influence what type of roofing you will get. I found it interesting that building codes in different areas could prevent you from using a specific material. My husband and I are building a home so we will be sure to consult the building codes when looking for which roofing material to use.

    • Welcome to our blog, Olivia!

      Congratulations on building a new home! As you know, there are a number of critical choices to make when having a house built. I’m glad to hear that you found the the tip on checking restrictions / building codes helpful.

      Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.
      ~ Dave

  2. Hello Dave, These are some really good tips about roofing. I liked your tip about choosing the right roofing materials. I decided to get a new roof , so this is a great information for me. Keep sharing such informative blogs.

  3. Even though they are more expensive, I really like the feel for wood shake shingles. My wife and I are thinking about replacing our roof, but are a little unsure as to what design we should use. Thank you so much for the roof ideas!

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